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GHK G5 First Impressions.

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Mornin All,


I was giving the G5 a bit of a clean this weekend and spotted a bit at the back of the lower receiver that has me confused. Id noticed before that after pushing out the pin the upper took a bit of effort to pull up and yesterday I spotted a metal spring clip that I cant see on the exploded diagram and also can t see on any pics i've seen of the internals.




I think it was originally sitting vertically but wherever it goes it either gets pushed down or pulled up (and eventually off) when I lift the upper off so ive currently put it horizontal on the top which also stops the difficulty in opening up.


Any ideas?



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I forgot to share you some pictures of my new paintjob:   And even if it's not 100% linked, I finished my new loadout video with which main gun? The SRU GHK G5 of course! You can see the G5 durin

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Would anyone be so kind as to measure their inner barrel? Its meant to be approx 200mm but would like an exact measurement so i can decide which replacement to get.


(forgot to mention I don't get mine back for a couple weeks still)

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Damnit. I want the DMR version with silver bull barrel :|


Isn't what they released pretty much the same but without the bullburrel + a cheek riser (which I hadn't seen on the bull burrel mock-ups)? So you'd only need to get this kit + the barrel, which also gives you more options to get whatever outer you wanna. I'm planning on making a two tone, multi-receiver gun from this. I wonder if the two colors plus a silver bull barrel will be too much though...






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Yeah that's the model I am talking about. Where can I get the parts needed to build that ? :o


The outer bull barrel specifically that is.


It's just a standard G5 with  just the handguard from the kit, THIS scope (or the RS one if you can afford it), and the bull barrel. I don't know what threading it is, but there's plenty of bull barrels out there to choose from. I'll be building my thing in a month or two, so I am yet to decide on the specific outer. Maybe something like THIS but longer?

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Sorry about the delay and shoddy picture, my dSLR is packed away for my imminent move of house!


Fitted the kit with minimal trouble, aside from the fiddly-as-hell thread inserts falling out. A small bit of tape soon fixed that problem though. The kit itself is solid, with no creaks or wobbles if shaken. My only possible issue I might face is the small gap in the ris where the original bottom rail and the extended bottom rail meet, but fingers crossed it will be fine. I have an EGLM arriving early next week which should answer that question fairly rapidly.


The good news is the smaller barrel doesn't cause any problems inside the carbine kit, I half-expected it to hit the flash hider on the way out.


It feels so much more "finished" as a carbine length kit, there was definitely something missing in its tiny cqb form. You can get a proper grip and stabilize that kick with ease, with no loss of the fun.


If GHK make this 1J bolt and it chronos under 350fps with the longer barrel, I will have my dream gun!

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