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A little help please?


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So I saw uscmCorps review of the Sykes face mask, http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/140473-sykes-airsoft-face-mask/ and kind of fell in love with it a little.


However it seems that I'm a few years too late and they have stopped making them. :'(


I did manage to find a ebay seller who has a few but he will only ship to the US.






So will anybody help me out please? If someone in the US could buy and then post it to me I would be extremely grateful.

And I will of course be pay for all the fees.

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Thanks, isn't he the guy behind that mask made from money?


A mask made by him would be pretty badass!



I've seen the Koei masks before in my search, they are my backup option. I just hoped I would be able to get the Sykes one from somewhere.

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