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Why can't I access the Sales forums / Classifieds? READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A NEW THREAD!


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Welcome, one and all to ArniesAirsoft, arguably one of the best Airsoft Forums in the world. 


You may have joined to participate in the many discussions on these forums about any and every aspect of airsoft, and thats great!


You might have joined because you're looking for that perfect gun, or certain accessory, or a hard to find or rare item that most retail shops just don't sell any more.


And thats great too! However, due to a few issues in the past with deals gone wrong, a rule has been put in place (and has been for a while now) that you need to have made 100, useful, contributing posts* before you get access to the sales forums / classifieds.


Believe it or not, we're not persecuting you. We've found since this rule has been in place, the number of bad deals has drastically reduced, because generally, people who are out to scam you, defraud or otherwise steal your precious airsoft tokens, can't usually be bothered to contribute in that way before stealing all of your money.


So if you want to use the sale forums, great, we look forward to it. Just stick around for a bit, get a feel for Arnies as a site and community and (should you dare) delve into some of the discussions about the finer aspects of the sport. 


Once you've done that, feel free to buy and sell at your hearts content!



Many thanks,

The Moderating team.


* Note. Posts made in the Non Airsoft Discussion 'daughter board' don't count towards your total post count, as they don't contribute to discussions on the sport itself. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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