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Can I claim him? I haven't got a noob yet and all the cool kids do...


ahem. Post count only goes up if you're contributing in the airsoft section of the forum. If you're trying to get your post count up to get to the classifieds, it's probably not worth it- Arnie's is a place for sharing knowledge and experience of airsoft (and dodging diminutive sex pests with pistol fetishes), the sales section can only be accessed after 100 posts but is generally quite a relaxed area.

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Heyy! I'm not a noob... :whistling:  Look, see I can use smilies...  



Ok fair point. Do you mean the bit labelled "Airsoft *chaffinch* chat" because I thought I was posting there. 


I know Arnies isn't like zeroin but I still like looking at what people are selling, and I'm desperate to find a VFC 416 for sale somewhere. 



ps why is *chaffinch* on the swear filter?? o.0

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I can see why it would be exempt as it stops people going "here's my gear" then spamming a few dozen pictures of each little piece of kit and then more from different angles just to pad their post count.


The fact there's a lot of good chat that usually takes place in the picture threads which would be the kind of things you would talk about in the main General Discussion section does make it seem silly not to count them but hey ho.

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I'be noticed this as well, the gear discussion thread also doesn't increase for some reason..?


EDIT: I just noticed this does count as a post but surely gear discussion if far more relevant to airsoft and for those like myself who know far more about gear than gun tech etc its where they'll post the most ad also their most educated stuff 

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