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TM Type 89 - Battery Space


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I'm interested into buying a TM Type 89, but it unfortunately has the problem of limited battery space. Only a 8,4V stick type stored in the handguard will fit and I plan on upgrading it (after some time). My first thought was cutting away some of the barrel assembly in order to cram one extra cell into the handguard, but I'm not sure if that would cause issues later on (pics would help a lot). However a more elegant solution would be to use the stock as the battery compartment. Can someone tell me the dimensions inside the stock and if the V8 gearbox allows rear-wiring?


Thanks in advance.

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I only owned mine for a little bit, but this is what the best option I think is: 





Wiring it to the outside is really easy, drill a small hole under the bottom of the stock and wire it out that way. 


There IS enough space in the back stock for a 7.4 stick LiPo, It's just a pain to take the rear butt pad off. Its connected to a sling mount and has a little hole thing an blablablaha...

Anyway, in short, yeah, there is space for a nice 7.4 LiPo in the back stock :)

I found it easier using a battery sack via wiring out a hole in the bottom of the stock :D


Apologies for not having more pictures of it :P

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