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Today is the day I finally take the plunge and write my first product review. I received this on Monday morning and as its a new addition to the Airsoft market I thought I would give my views and thoughts on it.





Having eagerly ripped open my parcel I was greeted with a compact cardboard tube with the OhShiBoom logo printed on it. A simple twist and the two halves came apart revealing the BFG safely sandwiched between black foam wrapped in a set of priming instructions. The packaging for me is compact and  functional.





My first impression was........ look at this shiny beast, its constructed entirely of metal giving it a quality weighty feel.




The BFG fits well in my hand (medium) and is also a snug fit in a 40mm grenade pouch. From what I can tell the head and bottom are stainless steel and the main body is anodized black aluminium. The stock colour scheme is black and silver which is fine but me being me I will spray it up (nothing like a nice shade of tan!). All in all a good first impression.





The shock breaks down into three parts, the head/body, the bottom and the pin. Careful inspection of the head revealed a pin that looks like it can be bashed out (am leaving this well alone but my guess is it allows access to the springs, this could be handy if you need to change them). The aluminium body is knurled allowing for better grip which is a nice touch, it also has a recess running all the way round the middle which looks like it could be used for the placement of glow in the dark/fluorescent tape. The bottom is one solid piece of stainless steel with an opening for a 9mm blank (9mm blanks are all it takes).The aspect that strikes me the most is how simple the construction is which for me is a massive plus point (am not keen on pointless detachable parts), there is nothing quite like the feeling of losing something small and fiddly in a dark room!


This section is already covered for me by the boys at OhShiBoom through an instructional video found on youtube. The instructions that accompany it also do the job.



The loading may initially seem quirky but I quite like the fact the BFG needs to be made safe before the loading of a new 9mm this reduces the risk of an accidental explosion.

Field Test

Now to the best part the actual testing of this device.




The first test was carried out on a flat concrete surface at varying heights. The BFG went of every time even when tested to the quoted 200mmm distance.




The second test was carried out on wood decking at varying heights. Again the BFG went off every time even when tested at 200mm.




The third test was carried out on short to medium grass at varying heights. The BFG eventually went off but at a minimum height of about 1200mm was needed ,which is still a conservative under arm throw :). The BFG performed well and I was pleasantly surprised at it going off at all on the grass.


This being a new BFG on the market site legality came into question. As I am based in Hampshire near Southampton my local sites are The Mall in Reading and The Bunker in Portsmouth. After a fair amount of research I am glad to report that both UCAP and ZED EVENTS allow its use, as for sites run by others I am unsure and would ask to avoid disappointment.


The OhShiBoom SHOCK is valued at £65 plus £4.99 which places itself in the low to mid BFG market. The build quality is very good and the construction and use is very simple. But for me the defining aspect of any piece of kit is.........does it work, I have seen all too often BFGs thrown even on hard surface to no effect but having tested this piece of kit for two days on three different surfaces I am very pleased with the results and for that I can’t fault it. So the question is will I be buying another one.........the answer YES.

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My point exactly. I get to choose between a Dynatec (that looks like it was dug up last week having been thrown during Passchendaele) that some total cockend on ZeroIn wants twenty million pounds for, or a SWAT that will bomb me back to the day the Dynatec was thrown as soon as I pull the pin. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Bought one of these the other week at the Sandpit. Absolutely cracking piece of kit, went off every time I used it and very good build quality - seems like it'll last a while. Once they bring out the shotgun primer base it'll be cheap as chips to deploy (pretty cheap already - the BFG + 25 9mm blanks works out at something like £2.50 a throw, only going to get cheaper). Would highly recommend.

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