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Lees Precision Engineering 16mm CW Thread Protector

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I have been looking to give a little love to my poor abused TM MK23 NBB.


There aren't really a lot of things that need upgrading or adding to the MK23 Socom, I bodged a 20mm rail underneath a few years back


for my TM Prolite when I played a lot of night games, and fitted a Nineball purple hop rubber for the heck of it.




But recently I noticed an addition to the Lees Precision Engineering (LPE) range, a very nicely designed 16mm Clockwise thread protector.


I ummed and ahhhed for a while, then hit the buy button.




Two days later a nice, professionally presented jiffy back dropped through my door.


Inside was a small ziplock.




Very nicely done, a few manufacturers and shops could learn from this.







The item itself is very well designed, neatly anodised and even contains a recessed O ring at at the tip to grip the barrel


and prevent it vibrating loose during use. (Not really visible in my rubbish phone pics- sorry)





Wish I had bought this a few years ago, it would have reduced the damge to the soft TM outer barrel threads.





I am very impressed by the build quality of this very smart yet simple bit of kit. 5 stars.





(I would love to see a few more accessories for the MK23, this practical yet unloved pistol could do with some affordable rail adapters,


scope mounts even a steel outer barrel would be nice.)



Anyway, Well done LPE! 




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