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Ferro concepts FCPC GEN2 in AOR2

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This is my review of the Gen2 FCPC. Ferro concepts put up a pre-order of 30 of them. I picked one up, and it was shipped to me a few days ago. I loaded it out with some choice accessiories, and went and got some in-game time with the FCPC.


Some things about this review. The FCPC in this picture has been used. Some molle may be stretched/dirty/bent etc. Those were from use, not imperfections from the maker. The cummerbund is not included in the review as it is my personal one. I bought the FCPC without a cummerbund, so I don't have the option to review it. I will be splitting this review up into sections - the front panel, back panel, shoulder pads, front flap, and overall package.


1. Front panel




At the very top, the front panel has two loops to hook the shoulder pads into, and then a top map pocket. The map pocket has 3 elastic pieces inside for various storage, and the pocket itself can hold plenty of items. I personally store a deadrag and a few small tools in it. On each side of the PC you get two hydro/wire routing pieces. These are a great help in routing wires, something I had issues with in my APC.


You get 4 rows of molle, 3 columns down worth of velcro molle. Plenty of space for morale patches and you can still loop pouches through it. On each side there are two vertical pieces of molle. These are nice for mounting PTTs or Grimlocs to hold hydros.


The shape follows the design of many small-medium PCs; with the top being bent in and smaller than the bottom. I personally love this setup, makes the PC very low profile and gives me full movement. The mesh padding on the inside is a welcome step-up from my APC, it breathes well and makes the FCPC that much more comfy to wear.


2. Back panel




The back of the FCPC shares the same basic design as the front, with a tapered top. The shoulder pads are attatched by a cleverly bent pieces of material. I really like it as it gives the shoulder pads more room to adjust to your body. The middle piece of mesh on the inside of the plate carrier is very nice, just like the front.


The molle setup is 6 along each row and 6 through each column, apart from the top row which is 4 wide. Plenty of space for putting a hydro pouch and leaving space for bangers, slap charges, and radio antennas. Each strip of webbing is sewn on perfectly. So far I can't find any imperfections on this PC.


3. Shoulder Pads




The shoulder pads are easily the most comfortable I've ever worn. Period. They are not super wide and therefore do not rub against my neck. The padding isn't too firm that it's uncomfortable, but isn't weak either. It's awesome. The pads open up and leave plenty of space for hydro, wires, and the like to be routed through. There is also a strip of stretchy material on each pad. This would be good for a hydro tube.


The shoulder straps themselves are nice. They have loop velcro to keep things in place, and are easily adjustable. The only real issue I have with the shoulder area, and the whole plate carrier, for that matter is the hooks that hold the straps to the front. It's kind of like a love/hate relationship. Whenever I toss the PC into my bag, they will sometimes come off, which can be annoying. This also happens whenever I'm handling the PC. But whever I'm wearing it, they stay steady and can be nice to drop the PC off of my body fast. It is also helpful that whenever I'm looping pouches on, I can disconnect the front from the rear making the job a lot easier. So it's a give some take some situation.


4. Front Flap




My FCPC has the kangaroo pocket flap, and the two wingman pouches. The Kangaroo pocket is cool because you still get 3 rows of molle, but the pocket itself is dipped down. This is so when you grab mags, you can actually grab them. With the APC I had, unless you had rangerplates/magpuls/spacers, you couldn't get your mags out. It was too deep. The FCPC leaves you a nice open space to grab makes, which is a welcome feature. The thinner molle webbing is pretty cool. It keeps the same strength and use, but is lighter.


The wingman pouches are a very smart design. There is a wider space of hook velcro than loop on the other side, so that when you open the flap and use the cummerbund, it won't pull the wingman pouches off. I've found these hold magazines, radios, and water bottles very well. The design is simple too. One big piece of elastic, a smaller bottom holder, and a pull tab to insert mags and the like. Works great.


5. Overall package




The FCPC is a fantastic design. I've found it more comfortable than the APC and the 6094a, it rivals the JPC in lightness, and is almost as compact. The craftsmanship is impeccable. I have not found any stichting errors yet. Overall, it's an awesome product and I love it. The price isn't too outrageous (You can pick up the base and an elastic cummerbund for like $260) and for that price, you get a lot of plate carrier. There is no skimping out on materials. All AOR2 cordura and webbing, and coyote velcro/mesh. Awesome product.


Here's a few pictures of the stitching.





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He definitely does great stuff. He's also approachable on spare parts or repairs which is a real plus in my books.

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