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Beginners guide to airsoft


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Hello. just to let you know, UK Airsoft Players Union has just published its 'Beginners Guide to Airsoft', which we hope will help encourage new players into our awesome hobby, answer some common questions and correct one or two misconceptions. Please do have a look, it’s worth a full read through if you are new to this world, but if you are simply looking for advice on a particular subject you will find that the contents is index linked.


Comments are very welcome. We can't reply in any official UKAPU capacity on forums, we decided that would be a bad idea as we'd waste time and get demoralised being trolled instead of getting on with the job, but I'm happy to chat about the guide from a personal perspective. If you did want to talk to any of the guys on the committee then there are several contact methods on the website, as well as info on UKAPU.



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AEGs have a range of 40 feet eh? :P


Also I'm fairly sure there isn't a moscart that fires a thousand BBs, enthusiastic with the 0 key? (Biggest 40 mm I know of is the Madbull 204)


This statement:


"Different weights of ammo are available but stick with 0.20g or 0.25g BBs; heavier ammo doesn’t really help you when using guns at UK power limits."


is something of a lie. Almost any airsoft gun with hop-up will shoot further and more accurately with heavier BBs - my 320 fps AK shoots really well with .4 g BBs, it's just bloody expensive to do so (and not every gun can apply enough hop-up for level flight with really heavy rounds). You could change that section to say something along the lines of 'heavier BBs do offer slight benefits to gun performance, but it is usually not worth it due the vastly increased cost, especially for new players'.


In the section about buying your first AEG, I think telling every new player that they need a large battery is a bit restrictive. Mini NiMHs are very cheap and swapping at lunchtime really isn't a hassle - saying 'large only' rules out a lot of guns that new players might otherwise enjoy. Also, saying that you need a 'long enough barrel for woodland' is totally wrong. Airsoft accuracy and range is almost all about the hop-up - yes it's true that longer barrels can improve accuracy slightly, but a properly set up MP5K (or indeed a pistol) can shoot very straight and far, more than well enough for woodland. Woodland = long barrel really is a fallacy we need to stop drilling into our new players.



Just giving some helpful suggestions :)

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A usefull post on lipo , life , nimh battery's would really help a lot of newer players . Dispelling myths about the over exaggerated dangers of lipo and a small section about battery care / charging would help a lot of players . Also a section on cleaning barrels would benifit a lot of new players . More issues are caused by this than most people would imagine .

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