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Executive Summary:


These are utterly terrible.





As a g36c aeg owner for the past 5-6 years, I've probably experienced the pain of what most people with the platform have gone through. They are incredibly sweet guns in terms of features and ergonomics, but the choice of magazine design by the true polymer manufacturer h&K was a shocker.


The clips are bulky and annoying, the mags themselves are already huge, the clips snap off if you try to use the clip feature, they snag on most mag pouches and you feel bulky as anything trying to carry a decent number of mids. Many a time have I stared in longing wonder at M4 owner's with their streamlined mags and gone.... *sssiiigghhh*


So after trying the 'good idea but terribly in reality' G36/m4 mag convertor, endless makes of G36 mid caps and finally shaving the lugs off the Star/Ares 140 round mids which lasted a good few years, Magpul PTS release the airsoft version of the PTS PMAG 30G.





Coming in at a reasonable price of £18 delivered each ($29.39 USD delivered) from EBairsoft, Promising 120 bb's on tap, slimline construction, compatible with ranger plates, and the reliability of the truly deserved praised that is heaped on the PTS M4 PMAG's/EMAG's, this seemed to be the final answer to G36 owners' prayers.



(Image pinches from Zeroin, because I don't have a decent one).



So I went and bought Four. I'll be honest I wish I didn't bother.





I got one game-day, ONE GAME-DAY, out of three of the mags before they packed up. For one glorious day I was speed reloading liked a pro with mids in a G36 like i'd always dreamed in those sweetest dreams. They look absolutely gorgeous in the gun. Magpul did an excellent job of mixing their own visual language with that of h&K's, to the point you'd honestly think they were the intended OEM mags for the G36 platform.


Then they stopped being able to feed. Bb's would just jam in the mag and the only way to get them moving again would be a good whack to the side of the mag, but that would only buy you a bit of time before they did this again. 3/4 mags completely unworkable. I've tried everything with these, I've stripped them down, cleaned them, rebuilt them, absolutely nothing.


My conclusion is that the spring inside the mags that pushes up the follower and bb's just isn't up to the job. To make matters worse, these mags don't even hold anything close to 120 bb's. The fourth mag is just about holding in there but I'm not holding my breath.





One working midcap from £72 worth of hard earnt cash. Are you kidding me?! Buy at your own peril.

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That's weird... My Stanag P and T mags work perfectly.

Fed better than any other mag I've owned.


You don't spray them with silicone spray eh?

Or perhaps low quality BB's?


Please don't be offended when I look for a user error, I believe I'm in denial that some PTS mags don't feed.

No, that was not sarcasm :(.

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