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Haven't been on Arnies in ages. 


Has anyone gotten an SEF style lower real steel or otherwise to fit on the WE Apache MP5? 


I really like the look and feel better than the navy lower but I want to stick with WE over VFC for reasons.. 




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Forgive me guys, I've searched about 5 pages back, and over 10 since the beginning of the thread. But with 28 pages in total I can't find when people were suggesting what to do with the hop.


I used mine for a bit in the freezing cold yesterday and whilst it worked great mostly, I had one or two issues.


1. It kept chopping BBs in 3 round burst. Semi was fine. I assume this is because of the proprietary hop unit and barrel WE have started using? I've yet to take this one apart but got it 2nd hand.


And 2. my 3rd burst has turned into 4. I've read that this happens when one small spring in the trigger mech snaps. Does anyone know which part number it is? I'd like to have the parts needed to swap out before I take it down fully!



Here's the diagram from KY.



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