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BTC V2 Spectre FET First Impressions

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"It just means your motor is still not coming to a stop quick enough. You can either increase the braking or try cleaning out our motor to increase the effectiveness of braking. (A dirty/worn motor is less effective at braking."


I'm using an 11.1v and high 16:1 gears. Noticed that 7.4v make the tappet/nozzle less likely for the issue to happen (those it does depress halfway). I'm going to try cleaning the motor and see how it goes. Active braking is set to light. 

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Has anyone used one with the ASCHU (gesundheit) yet? I want PTW features without a PTW

eWell it has been a long wait. I had the Spectre some time ago for testing but life had its own plan and really did not have the time. Now I managed to get some free time and the first thing on my lis

Airlab ( probably the fastest shipping and one of the best internals suppliers) in the UK will have the Spectres in stock in 2 weeks time. Id go for one of them   http://www.air-lab.co.uk/products/

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