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Grey Gear & Loadouts

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Awesome looking loadout.  I'm trying to sort out a pretty much identical head gear setup right now specifically for the mall and all the heavy pyro that goes off in enclosed, hard walled environments.


Do the arc'teryx knee caps actually integrate with their trousers?  Because that would be surprising news to me.

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Thanks Chris. The knee caps do integrate, there is an internal pocket with velcro opening at the bottom and 4 pass through slots for the straps to come out and fasten outside of the trouser leg. It's not as easy as the crye solution if you put the trousers on before the pads and I don't like having the trouser taking the wear instead of the knee cap, but I guess that's what the webbing is there for.

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Picked these up ages ago, never took pictures until yesterday for some reason.  Not skirmished them yet, it'll be the first time I've run non-integrated knee pads for about 5-6 years when I eventually do.


Definitely need some modification done to the loose ends of the straps, either cutting down or some retention loops added.  They're still very good pads overall but I'd have expected some sort of management system from arc'teryx given the price.

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Not sure how relevant this is since it's just the one bit of grey kit, I'm hardly gonna compete with the BFG and Arc'Teryx kit on show here!


Anyway.. Here's me with my Craghoppers (as part of a 2001 Naka valley SBS loadout) at Stirling Airsoft's Op: Jester at Great Blackhill Farm in late November. Apologies for the poor quality pic:


Comfy, lightweight and quick drying. TK Maxx had a winter set for sale as well but I opted for these so I can use them all year round. Teamed with a set of long johns, it was a simple and effective set up for a 24 hour game in the Beacons. 

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Hope I don't get flamed for this, as this has been an interesting thread, but what are your thoughts on the urban camo setup that seemed to gain favour in the 1980s (don't remember seeing it much recently).  Been toying with getting a set as I mainly play CQB at an old school.


BTW - as a semi-segue - grey as a camo colour has been long known about - it's actually the reason the Germans went that route pre The Great War.

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Well indeed, in WOII games ( PC-games, not airsoft related ) it always occurs to me that I can see US and USSR forces way before I can spot a german trooper.

Games are Day of Defeat, Red Orchestra and Iron Front. /offtopic.


Anyone know a manufacturer that produces a mini chestrig for 3, max 4 M4 pouches in Urman / Wolf grey? No plate plz :)

I'll be going really light for CQB.

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Some new additions


Arc'teryx LEAF Naga Hoody


HSGI AO small chest rig

3 x HSGI single TACO's

1 x HSGI Blowout pouch


Left hand - Oakley SI Assault Glove

Right hand - Oakley SI Lightweight Glove

Both are officially Foilage Green but, as you can see, very grey indeed :D  




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My work vest


< images >



Those are green not grey :P


No, guns don't really count. Bladerunner, why are you wearing different gloves? Symmetry...

I'd assume its due to the shooting hand/trigger hand being a thinner material, it flexes more and allows a more skin like contact rather than the other which has knuckle protection and has to hold onto a RIS system which cuts up your palm?

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Not happy.

Just received my sniper-as order.

Cool stuff, as handy as I hoped it would be.

But HSGI and BFG grey are clearly not the same.

HSGI is more a ranger green-grey type, while BFG is about as grey as it could get. 


At least the HSGI bumppouch and Costa molle leg pannel prove their use and both brands are of good quality. Better than I ever had.

Pic later.

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