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S&T Gearbox - Gears Proprietary?


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I'm currently upgrading my Umarex/S&T SL9, replacing most of the stuff, including a different gearset (SHS 13:1). However I noticed that the SHS sector gear doesn't fit. Problem is that the diameter is slightly larger, causing the gear to push the piston up which will cause stress on both parts. It would be good to know which aftermarket parts (13:1 gearset and piston) actually work together in an ARES/S&T gearbox.


I assume S&T gears have the same ratio as ARES (18.7:1 according to online stores), but their gearsets are quite expensive.

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try one without so much reinforcement, like a CA yellow piston. the nylon teeth may just be too tall.


does the sector gear touch all the piston teeth or just the pick up tooth?


also, check to see if the piston can move back and forth in the tracks with the gearbox closed (without the gears). some ARES designed gearbox shells have issues with pistons with reinforced teeth.


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