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So, this is my first review; so I apologise if it isn't very interesting or good.


Anyway, recently it was my birthday and I decided to buy a few things:


-HFC HA118

-SMK 3-9x32 scope

-Spare VSR Mag

-4000 Madbull .28g BBs

-4000 Kingarms .25g BBs

-SMK short 4x32 scope (for my BSA Lightning)

(I love HFC :P)


So as I have nothing to do, I'm going to do a lot of reviews!


Here are pictures of the main body of the HA118 -






The body is mainly composed of Strong ABS Plastic, with a few metal parts.The body has a nice weighty feel to it and is extremely comfortable in the hand. It is a fairly large pistol.

Slide - Plastic

Grips - Plastic

Reciever - Plastic

Mag release - Metal

Safety - Metal

Trigger - Metal

Hammer - Metal

Assembly clip - Metal

Outer Barrel - Plastic

Inner Barrel - Metal

Trigger box - Metal

Magazine - Plastic

Spring guide - Plastic

Pistol - Plastic

Spring - Metal

Sear - Metal


Here are a few pictures of the magazine -





The magazine is composed entirely of plastic, with a few weights inside. It's quite simple, you pull the spring down and house it into the cut out to the left, this locks the spring into position. Then you can either pour the BBs into a little hole on the side (second picture) or you can hand feed them into the hole at the top.So far the magazine has done well, although the spring has sometimes buckled, causing it not to fully go down, rendering me unable to lock it to the side.


Disassembly -

First you want to press the oval shaped button here, and hold it down.


Secondly, while simultaneously holding that button down, rotate this retention clip - whGX0wx.jpg

So it looks like this - 1slV24A.jpg

After that you push the circle pin above the oval button through, however you can only get so far; it will look like this - EskvT6l.jpg

When you get this far, you have to pull the slide back by about a MM. Then you can pull the clip all the way out. It will then look like this -



You then pull the slide forward off the rails, and you are all done! To reassemble, just do everything in reverse order. This is what it looks like disassembled -



The internals of the gun are better than I expected for a cheap £20 springer. 80% of the internals are metal. here are a few pictures -





Functionality -


There as several functions of the gun. One being the hammer. This locks back when cocked and is actually connected to the sear, so without the hammer, the gun is useless.




The safety is fairly simple. It just requires a strong push up to activate it. It is also in a fairly nice position; it resembles the slide lock on the real 92FS.




The magazine release is like every other in the world. Just press it at the magazine should be set free! It resembles the real magazine release and is in a fairly nice position.



The last main function is the open chamber. Unfortunately HFC decided not to create a slide lock function on this gun, but at least it has an open chamber for cleaning, unjamming etc... and if you are an airsoft idiot then paint-ball BBs.



The iron sights on this gun are better than I expected. They are visible and HFC has placed a nice white dot in the front sight to help you align them.





Performance -

The gun is said to shoot at about 270FPS with .12 gram BB's. I do not have a chrono so I cannot confirm the actual FPS, however it is fairly powerful for a spring pistol, it will dent a drink can but won't destroy a bourbon biscuit.


In the shooting tests, I shot 10 times with each weight of bullets from about 2 meters away. The weights being .12,.20 and .28.

During shooting I found that the gun absolutely hated the .20g BBs I was using, this was probably because these BBs were of a larger diameter than the other two weights. With the .20g the slide didn't move forward properly and I had to force it forward to load the BB. I didn't have this problem with the other weights.




So as you can see the .28g performed best during accuracy, but during long range shooting these tend to drop after about 6M. The .12g fly up and right after about 4M and the .20g fly a little high at about 6M. So I'm guessing the optimal weight for this gun is .25g BBs. I did not include the .25g in the test because, well I didn't want to open the bag until the .28g are gone :P


Overall this gun is worth every penny I spent on it. It performs well and looks good. It does have problems with the magazine spring and it hating larger diameter BBs, but it may just be my gun itself. The improvements I would make on this gun would be to give it an adjustable hop up for the heavier BBs and to give it slide stay and an improved magazine. I would recommend this gun for back garden target shooting.


Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed reading this review.

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