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PGM ultima ratio intervention / PGM 338


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just adding some manufacturing pictures, excuse the quality please mobile phone camera and not so good lighting in my workshop!


preparing the milling machine for boring horizontically




boring the massive aluminium block (265 mm / 10.43 " long) with a 12x290 mm drill.



using the boring head to go from 12mm diameter to 30 / 35mm diameter

working on the barrel



milling the 516mm top rail

working on the barrel shroud

and finally, some wood working














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Very nice matey how does it shoot? I cant wait for a range report. If the selfcontained air cartridges were legal in sunny England I'd have tried something like this too but I don't think it would have turned out looking that good ;). Seeing as I can't vote for my own I think I'll be voting for this myself.

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Hi crash0744,


the gun as a whole doesn't shoot just yet, still some small issues to be dealt with. But I did some shooting tests with just the cartridge an old spare barrel and a prototype chamber without any hop up - results where ok for this set up as I was able to hit the other side of my workshop which is about 18 meters without too much drop.Unfortunately it had a strong tendency to go off to the left side.


in conclusion,  I am still working on the right way to attach barrel and chamber and maybe include a hop up into it.

I'm thinking about implementing an LRB as I can't see a Marui-type working due to the fact that the BB sits in the cartridge and stays there until it is propelled by the HPA.


The more or less smooth transition from the cartridge to the barrel is what gives me a lot of headache at the moment.

So if anyone has an idea how to perfom this in a very smooth way, I'm always open to suggestions.



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You man... you make me want even more a lathe and a bigger milling machine! You have my vote but please, use a spot drill!


I like the idea of bring back the Asahi cartridges. I have a similiar concept but I have designed it to be easier to make. Just 2 turned parts and 3 o-rigns.


What alloy did you use? Seems to be 2030, I like to work with it on the lathe. I also use 7075 on my micro CNC, 5083 is too sticky and give me too many headaches with the endmills.

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Thanks for the kind words  and the support guys!


@DEVILHUNTER  I got myself a spot drill with my next end mill order, so  I don't use the big one you're seeing in the picture for this purpose anymore!


the aluminium used is a mix of 2007, 6060, 5083, 7075, 5754. The big bolt housing is in fact made from 5083, explains some difficulties I had while boring the big diameters.

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I was able to get some work done in the semester break. It does shoot now, the inner barrel is fitted and cycling a round from the magazine with the bold and extracting it afterwards works. I will upload some picture of the parts that have changed / have been made since the last series of pictures.


Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to load the shells with a consistent amount of air / pressure as I experience severe performance drops every now and then. sometimes the bb goes like hell and then again it falls to the ground after 3-4 meters.


Another issue is hop up. I did install a kind of fixed hop up similar to an R-hop but I can't tell if it does anything due to the power inconsistency already mentioned.


I will continue working on this one, as it also still requires some cosmetic work as a buttpad and the paintjob.


If someone has a suggestion on how to deal with the consistency issue, I'm open for them. I thought about switching from hpa to propane by fitting a normal gbb mag fill valve, maybe I'll try this with a spare cartridge if I find the time.


As long as I don't have a proper solution figured out, I will make this a second priority project. I have a new project I already started working some weeks ago in theory and yesterday by cutting some ABS sheets. I will create an extra thread for the project on the next weekend and share the progress which I hope to be making this week. On Friday I have to go back to university and will not be able to work on either one for some time.




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