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Don't know how or why I came up with this, but I thought, why not?


I show you mine,


now show me yours. :lol:



@mods; if you think it is in appropriate feel free to delete.

Oh, and relax ok.

By no means do I want to make this a stereotype of any kind.

Watermelons are a great and healthy choice in this heat (at least over here)

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Er this is a British forum, what did you expect? In the North of England, we only here whispered rumours about these strange 'fruits' of which you speak.


when I was in Scotland over a decade a go in the summer, I had a watermelon... . :lol:

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Yes, they still talk about you. The strange foreigner who came over and ate plants.


Before you came, they thought the watermelon was a French Spy.


So that what happens with generations on an Isle.

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I'm not really up-to-date on the latest trends in fruit salad I must confess.  In fact to be brutally honest I don't like eating watermelon much, I find it to just be a chunk of cold, wet, bland.  Shooting them with things however; best fruit for it.


Here's the first page of google results if you image search 'watermelon'.  Some impressive carvery and a couple of other very interesting results.



I'm not sure which I find most surprising, the dinosaur, the baby or the potentially rather racist picture category result.

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