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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Tri-shot Shotgun- picture, text and video review

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oh, the pins on tokyo-model.com.hk are also sold out.




But there is a solution, if you get a side saddle shell carrier it has those bolts. so you can get a secure bolts and carrier. two birds with one stone so to say.


You can get it here:





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Afternoon guys.   This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK.   This is a text/ video review for now

Chopped the barrel and added an ATI heat shield- quite happy with the result!          

TM issues a product recall?   In other news, pigs spotted flying over Hampshire, Peter Mandelson is a force for good, David Cameron gets on his bike, Nick Clegg tells the truth and the Ministry of D

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Toy Soldier has one of the Blade Tech holsters for $200; hopefully a replica is forthcoming: http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/product_details.php?pid=1006

As a dude who makes his own kydex stuff, I can tell you that holster is extremely overpriced.  The mount is maybe $15 if you buy just one (as opposed to 1000 of them at wholesale), and that's less than $1 of kydex if you buy in bulk.  The only factor is really manufacturing time, but I think they probably have that down pat, unless they pay their guys $50 an hour.


Definitely hold off for until a replica comes out.  Or until I make one.... pic related.



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Obviously, it's just rare since Remington/Blade Tech never made any effort to retail them.  It would be super simple to make a Kydex clip for the 870, but an exact copy would be nice for those who want a milsim impression, and seeing one easily copied item for sale in HK makes me think that it's probably happening already.  


They're $125 here if you want one for "reasons":  http://www.autoweapons.com/products/othergoodstuff.html

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Put a bunch of rounds through my breacher yesterday. Tons of range with 134a and .20g bbs. Some of the bbs tend to sail up while others flew straight. It'd probably work best with .23g bbs. At max range. The grouping is still enough to put in all 6 rounds in a car size target.....I'd say that's right around the 120 foot mark.


My pins were backing out. I noticed that after maybe putting 40 shells through it.


One particular thing to think about.



Full charge of 134a supposedly gets up to 50 shots in the trishot mode. That translates to 5 shells which means that if you're rocking the 5 shell shot holder, you're going to be left with one unused shell provided that you've got one in the chamber.


Now, if you select the 6 shot mode, you're supposed to get fewer shots....but by how much? Say at most, you can get off 40 shots on the 6 shot mode. That means 40 pulls from 6 shot mode...5 pumps a shell. Which means your tank will have enough juice to burn through 8 shells....so you spend the 5 shells on the holder, plus the first shell chambered and have some gas left.


Makes sense as you won't need a spare tank for the 6 shells.


Down side is, you get lesser total pump shots....up side is, you burn through all your shells with one full tank of gas.


Now even if the gas efficiency isn't the said 40 pumps on the 6 shot mode....let's say maybe 30 pumps to empty the tank in 6 shot mode. That's 5 pumps a shell.....if you have 6 shells...bam! You shoot all 6 shells...and empty your tank.


Time to switch to your pistol.



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That pretty much sums up with what I experienced.

Played an indoor cqb game yesterday.

Ambient temperature of 21°C on 6 shot mode with Green gas I've achieved 7 shells, 5 pumps per shell on one tank.

Had to transition to pistol in two games.

But that was wicked fun, 6 shell side saddle with one in the gun.

Reloading after 5 shots with a few times not knowing whether I was out or not, sometimes shooting empty other times quick reload instead.

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I haven't had a chance to use my breacher in a game yet, but after reading this thread I made sure to order extra gas reservoirs, just to make it skirmishable.  

So far I'm in the forty to fifty shots per fill using propane.  Going to try duster when my new adapter shows up.

It really rounds out my CQB kit.

Having gotten the breacher first, I now really want the full size.


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Ah. Just to be clear, I had to transition to pistol because I ran out of shells to shoot.

I managed to shoot 7 Shells in 6 shot mode on one tank of green gas.

I guess if you are finding yourself shooting more then 7 shells and can't do a refill mid-game, then yeah maybe an extra tank is a good idea.


Edit: oh and perhaps you are playing in a location where the outside temporaries is below 20°C then I guess you will get a little less shots.

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I can't comment on the stock breacher. I fired a couple shells through it to test it was working then put the AG stock on it. Thats 7 shells on 6 shot mode with Propane too.

Oh sorry. Misread your comment, I thought you were talking about the AG stock on the tactical, not the breacher.


But getting back to that, have you noticed any internal leaking?


With the AG and G&P gas tank stock on the tactical version, people have been reporting leakage from the seal from the brass expansion cylinder where the over pressure value gives when using green gas/propane and higher.

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I'm not 100% sure to be honest. There's no noticeable leak but if you leave the gun for a day or two gassed up then go back to it there's no gas so there must be a leak somewhere! I'm waiting for an HPA valve to arrive then it'll be converted so I'm not overly worried to be honest as it wont be stored compressed after that! 

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