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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Tri-shot Shotgun- picture, text and video review

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Afternoon guys.   This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK.   This is a text/ video review for now

Chopped the barrel and added an ATI heat shield- quite happy with the result!          

TM issues a product recall?   In other news, pigs spotted flying over Hampshire, Peter Mandelson is a force for good, David Cameron gets on his bike, Nick Clegg tells the truth and the Ministry of D

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I took Another thing I noticed and not sure if this is Normal. When you switch modes in between shots, does the mode change on the fly or does it change the following shot? Mine changes modes on the following shot.


That's logical, surely? Once you've racked the gun you've already loaded the BBs, so moving the switch just tells it how many to load on the next racking of the action?

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Shot at cardboard, styrofoam, and up in the air to see whether or not mine was shooting 5 rounds...or 6 rounds.


As with both Brigg and BerserkDS, mine shoots 5 on the 6rd setting. This is using Bioval .25g BBs which are (if I remember correctly ~5.87mm) instead of the more typical 5.95mm bbs (as advertised).

Something isn't mechanically right. Something is off spec...its possible that whatever it is, a fraction of a millimeter will change the loading behavior of the gun.


Surprisingly, I'm okay with this. I must be getting old. 5 shots instead of 6 means I get to shoot 6 times on a full shell on the max shot setting. If it fixes itself...no problem.


I think I'll run this on the 5 round setting instead of the 3 round setting...The BBs spread out anyway. Not like it follows a consistent shot pattern at longer ranges anyway.

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You know I thought the same. 5 might actually be better, I get an extra shot out of a shell. My main worry was if something was broken. But if its a design flaw then I will be shooting away.


Read another review online and the guy claimed he got 7 shots on off one shell on six shot mode. He claimed it was on overloaded shell, but pretty sure he has the same issue and doesn't realize it.

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Regarding the misfeed, Kratisto's link has some of it covered towards the end:


Basically they say the hop rubber inside is loosely packed against the barrel and may cause misfeeding should it be improperly installed or comes undone and folds into itself causing an obstruction. There's mention of "bonding" the hop rubber to the barrel, I'm assuming with something like RTV sealant, but there's not much detail about it.

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TM issues a product recall?


In other news, pigs spotted flying over Hampshire, Peter Mandelson is a force for good, David Cameron gets on his bike, Nick Clegg tells the truth and the Ministry of Defence manages to buy equipment that isn't terrible, arrives on time and at a sensible cost.

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tm does indeed a recall but only for japanese customers.


i emaild WGC about my problems and they told me to disambly the gun en see if the nozzle is broke and that the hop unit is ok, they are gonne try the order the parts en then send them to us for free.

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Mine arrived yesterday but I just came back home today reading about the fault. Its already dark here and there is very little room in my house but I can tell that I can shoot 6 times on 6 shot mode(was shooting a cardboard box from very close so I couldn't tell how many bbs exactly I shot from the spread). Still if the range is ok(which hopefully I can test tomorrow) Im not too bothered by it. I once disassembled a chinese clone of the Marui m3 spring and it was a pain in the *albatross*, I hope this one is easier somewhat.

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Got game time with it. Being old, fat, and out of shape...I only ran two rounds...one with my tm mp7 as my primary...the other was the tm mp7.


My first game impressions....gun is awesome. Range is excellent. Power with duster/152a was at 250 fps with .25g bbs.


I'll have to crop my video before uploading it. Ill post the link after.


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