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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Tri-shot Shotgun- picture, text and video review

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Afternoon guys.   This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK.   This is a text/ video review for now

Chopped the barrel and added an ATI heat shield- quite happy with the result!          

TM issues a product recall?   In other news, pigs spotted flying over Hampshire, Peter Mandelson is a force for good, David Cameron gets on his bike, Nick Clegg tells the truth and the Ministry of D

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Everybody here is probably already aware, but there is a private Facebook group for M870 owners and it's a goldmine of knowledge - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1503954529842211/


Hopefully I've not broken any rules by posting this. I'm just trying to help other M870 owners out.

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my shotgun has suddenly stopped cocking (completely jammed, maybe 1mm of flex form the pump), and when i try to take it apart the trigger section cant come out (also jammed on something) so i cant even get the gun apart. 


anybody had this issue? 




the lefty hand side cocking handle arm (if that's what its even called) appears to have uncouple from the silver piece inside the receiver (how i have no idea) but its back in the correct position and racks' beautifully again. 

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Thanks, appears Airsoft World is trying to pull a fast one.

Second 870 tactical they've sent to me with the 6 shot not functioning and after telling me only certain brands of BB work properly (and nothing heavier than 0.2g) they are now saying its because the barrels were dirty..... I smell BS and a Paypal claim coming up...

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Thanks for your help guys, I thought this was the case.

After much arguing - them saying it was my fault because the barrels were dirty, the wrong brand and weight of BBs were used, and even the type of gas used was mentioned at one point.... I directed them to this thread (and 3 others along the same lines) & reminded them of their own sales policy and managed to get a refund of the gun minus a "restocking fee" (load of *suitcase*). They still maintain it was my fault for not cleaning the barrels on delivery of both M870s and that I'm the only person they've encountered that's had issues with the 6-shot not working. Seems pretty common to me but what do I know?


My short time with the gun I was impressed by the externals, but I guess I expected more reliability from Marui, in the end it was a choice between no gun or a £290 tri-shot - I chose no gun and the money in my pocket for other things. I was itching to HPA it as well....

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In 16 years of Airsofting Iv never had a TM gun that has worked as it should from purchase, I still keep buying them tho :s Iv only skirmished my m870 once and absolutely loved it. Have done a lot to it since and can't wait to get back out with it again. It's a shame they are coming out of the factory the way they are really.

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I've had luck with a few of their AEGs when that's all you could buy from Airsoft Dynamics, Rebel Troop etc, but I've recently had a few bits and pieces from TM that have left me underwhelmed. I'll stick with the Chinese clones from now on I think.


I had a go with another players 870 Breacher and loved the 6 shot (which performed flawlessly) on a whole they seem more reliable than the Tacticals going purely on internet reading. Maybe they ironed out some bugs in the internals of the Breachers, perhaps different spring strengths, slight reinforcement to certain parts?


If they sold it as a trishot with £60-70 off the price then I would have kept it, the quality of the externals is a definite step up from the usual all plastic of the tri-shots, although the barrel had the slightest bit of movement on mine.

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That barrel movement has developed into quite a lot on mine. Mine is a cut down tactical. I guess Iv got quite lucky with mine tho in comparison to how others have turned up.


Ah them were the days, my first AEG was a First Factory HK51 from airsoft dynamics. I had a fair few oddities from them, hunted out when one of them was over in Japan.

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