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Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

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Got the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG today!

I am about to go test it right now so I will do a follow up afterwords.

For now enjoy some pictures and ask if you have any questions.



I tested the gun out with an 11.1 lipo. Feels different than the Tokyo Marui Sopmod and a little harder kick.






































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I think you're misusing the phrase 'prone to failure', and even if you weren't, the Recoil Shock is a modern design not known for failures to feed or dropping 100fps at random. In addition to that, th

Pics of before and after changing the front end, comp and extending the wiring into the peq box.      

Could just be that we airsofters are a fickle bunch who constantly need to get the latest shiny things.

Posted Images

www.blackoutarmory.com had them in stock first! Right next door to the PTS distributor.



Back from the game today! Chrono'd at 350 for me today with .20s.



Feels and shoots like a toned down LM4. The Recoil feels a lot like there is a good firm kick from the back to the rear it is hard to explain and does a lost more and different kick compared to the Marui Recoil.


Also the PMAGs were really cool to change from a 60 to 30 it is tooless and you just remove the base plate to access it.









Pmags were 3 pack for $40

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Last I heard they aren't available for UK retailers to order yet! Sadly, I couldn't wait any longer and have gone for the Marui Recoil Shot platform instead.



Still, hoping the ERG really is that good -- always better that the consumer has choice.


They're actually available for preorder on landwarriorairsoft, I believe the site states 'mid-august' for delivery..




edit - I'm looking forward to some amateur reviews coming out for this..

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They're actually available for preorder on landwarriorairsoft, I believe the site states 'mid-august' for delivery..




edit - I'm looking forward to some amateur reviews coming out for this..


I realise that :) but Edgar Brothers are the distributer for PTS goodies in Europe; hearing through the grapevine that the ERGs aren't available through EB yet - and therefore UK retailers won't be able to order them as such.


Not sure where LWA is getting their stock from, maybe there are pre-order-pre-orders with EB. Or they could be bypassing the official supply chain. I don't know.

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Is it possible to use the charging Handle instead of the boltcatch after an empty magazine? 


Can you test, if uppers from old models are suitable? 



Would also like to know about uppers and also outer barrels.



It will not allow me to change it to use the charging handle instead of the other. I have yet to take the gearbox out to play with it though.

I only have a VFC 416 and a Tokyo Marui Sopmod. The ERG has a wider gap where the pin goes so it can't fit. also the Charging handle is part of the lower. I have yet to test it with a standard aeg M4.

I took comparison photos below.







Hop Up Unit

Standard AEG Inner barrel and the hop up nub is the standard. I do like the whole hop up unit however. Very easy to dial. It is made out of plastic.



Removed Upper from Lower

Notice that the Charging handle is on the lower not the upper. Very similar to the TM Sopmod. The lower itself is VERY heavy compared to my VFC 416 Lower.




The fake bolt plate does not move when fired.








Comparing the ERG to the VFC 416 and the TM Sopmod

I feel like the gearbox construction and the added parts like the fake bolt plate and the other sorts seem much more sturdier on the ERG. I feel like the shorter air nozzle on the ERG is less prone to snapping compared to the super long Sopmod.



I love that the ERG Fire Selector switch is very solid with the clicking. 




This photo shows the mounting gap under the text. The ERG has the widest and the thickest. 






Notice how the ERG has a lot less moving parts on the top because the fake bolt doesn't move compared to the Sopmod. It also doesnt come apart easily.





Final Notes

What I loved about the ERG

-The recoil is amazing. It feels more reealistic than the Sopmod with a more powerful kick

-The upper and lower are built very sturdy with no wobbles. Top Quality Magpul stuff.

-Personalized serial numbers! I got #206

-The hopup unit is very easy to tune and you can feel a slight click everytime you tune it.

-The Pmag is very easy to take apart to change the 30rd to 60rd. TOOLESS!

-A lot of room for your lipos. Sure there are limitations but I was able to use every single one I had.

-ROF is not extremely fast with the 11.1v (could be pro or con for some) 


What I disliked about the ERG

-The paint started chipping at small parts after one skirmish. I didnt hit anything with it or drop it of the sort. I babyed it but still has small chips off the paint.

-wish it came in different colors ;D




PMags are 3 Pmags for $40 pretty cheap if you ask me.

Comes with standard 30 Day PTS Warranty.

Can take all milspec parts. It is made at the same place all KWA guns are made so I wouldn't see why they would go out of their way to get completely different parts.

Price is $379

CQB version comes out a month later for about $10 cheaper.

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I need to find an AEG outterbarrel to test the ERG out with give me a few days.


The stock tube has a huge brass piece that moves from what I was told by the PTS rep. No room for a battery there sadly.



I also noticed that when you pull back the charging handle to move the fake bolt plate, it doesnt lock back on its own. You have to manually hold down the bolt catch for it to hold it. It doesnt feel satisfying hitting the bolt catch to have the fake bolt plate go forward.I would say that is another con.

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Extremely eager to see lots of comparisons in quality and performance vs the TM Sopmod, high praise for the shots so far.


Disappointed to hear the paint is chipping already though.


Was about to order a new TM recoil and upgrade it, but am now torn with ordering one of these! They seem more robust internally, but is that able to match the TM with a few upgrades? I just don't know!

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Had a chance to toy around with it at Airsoft Extreme in Sacramento. I think they only had a couple in stock. The floor model had a faulty selector lever. On full auto, the gun almost exclusively shot semi auto. The people who worked at the shop got it to shoot full auto after fiddling around with it...but then it reverted back to shooting semi auto on full auto setting.


The gun I shot sounded fine. Pretty smooth but it sounds different to the TM SOPMOD/SOCOM series. More than likely, its the unique gears that the TM uses on their Next Gen series.


I love the thud that the recoil gives. Its definitely stronger than the TM.


Wish the mag had better capacity...TM holds up to 82 rounds....extra 22 bbs per mag but it really shouldn't be a deal breaker...specially if you're going for realism without sacrificing much of the guns practicality when it comes to actually gaming with it. The mag top is beefy on the KWA. The TM SOPMOD/SOCOM mags have that squarish gap between the rear of the mag. If you drop the TM Mag, it will more than likely bend and may affect the bolt catch feature...or ability for the mag to be reinserted.


The hop on the KWA ERG clicks into place. Meow!


The ability to lock the fake bolt back to battery does sound good on paper (heck..TM RS M4's don't even do it!)...but releasing it with the bolt catch isn't a great experience. The action feels wimpy. At least on the two I got to try out...it didn't do anything for me. It will definitely help when setting the hop however...that's a good thing :P


Can't comment on performance as I've never shot it outside the store. Retails for $380. Plus tax, it'll probably run about $410. A TM recoil shock SOCOM goes for $40 more....plus you may want to upgrade it...or not. Upgrades are fairly easy to obtain for the TM. I really like the KWA ERG but its hard to let go of the TM Recoil Shock M4. Marui has always been a true performer for me and I feel that their products are more refined. Nothing wrong with being a fanboy of this or that...it all ends up to personal preference anyway right? Throughout the years I've been asked A LOT of times during and after games whether or not my TM Recoil Shock M4/AK/SCAR is a GBB. For those who have the Marui Recoil Shock AEG's and game with them...I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.


The KWA ERG is an awesome offering into airsoft scene. It has tons of awesome cool things about it and it is definitely robust...I'd say it feels more beefy than the TM Recoil Shock M4 series even but my  experience with the TM Recoil Shock M4 has been way too great for me to pick the KWA ERG M4 over it.


I'm not sure if KWA will come out with an ERG AK...that one I'm more curious about. It'd be nice to have an AK that has a firing cut off feature as it'll be handy in games...no dry firing :P

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For those who have the Marui Recoil Shock AEG's and game with them...I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.


Yes, but I've never been sure why... :huh:  I shoot an EBBr, it's nice, but it still definitely sounds like an electric gun, especially at the very start when the motor's whizzing up.  Also the fake bolt plate oscillating makes much more of a light sounding clack, very different noise to the solid thud of any of my GBBRs.



Unfortunately I've decided my money at the moment is going to have to go in to some Avalon BCM stuffz but I'm impressed KWA have managed to squeeze more recoil out of the electric system.  The magazine capacity vs the PTS PMAGs for TM and the (presumable?) lack of noise from the fake bolt is are negatives IMO, but on the other hand if I wanted a high quality AR with a really nice looking, modern, ergonomic furniture setup right out of the box, not to mention the recoil, the ERG would be the way I'd go.  If ever TM partnered up with PTS to design their externals it'd be *fruitcage* sweeeeet.

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