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Custom Extended Tacos Mk 2

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I have three left over Mk 2 Extended tacos that I made a while back, since a customer vanished without a trace.  Suitable for extended pistol mags and submachine magazines.  They are in ATP, a commercial copy of British MTP, made by the same military supplier so it is completely compatible with MTP and multicam.  All materials used are milspec.






The photos below are of the Mk1 and show the taco in action.





I am also considering doing a run in CB so let me know if you are interested so I can work out how many I would need to make.

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These are all separate, ie each pouch holds one mag (see last few photos). I had just stacked up all the pouches together for the first pic. There are three left from the original nine shown in the pic. £25 is for one pouch.

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