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Didn't see a review for this shop, also wanted to bring up an issue.


I've had a pretty great relationship with Tokyo Model Company as a customer for almost 4 years. They communicate well with me, do a great job with communication, and this past year have gone an extra step and provide photos of all items being packed into my order so I know everything is there.

Up to recently I've had an outstanding time ordering from them and wouldn't hesitate.


My apologies if this next part isn't appropriate for this forum section, I wasn't sure where to put it.


Recently I've had a big issue. I preordered the Marui 870 shotgun. Once it arrived they spent a week laboriously disassembling a brand new gun for me. Tons of communication, great step by step updates. The gun was to be disassembled and shipped in two separate boxes because of the import laws of where I live.


They sent the first box, not sending me tracking information until it had already cleared customs 2 days after they shipped it, not normal for them. I sent an email back telling them I received the package and asking when they would ship package number 2. I get a reply saying thank you for being a customer and to tell my friends and thats it.


4 days later they've ignored a daily polite email inquiry about my order status. Today I set up a new email account and asked a question. They promptly replied. So clearly they are ignoring me. 


Could anyone suggest a course of action? file a paypal grievance? call them if I can find a phone number? Consider selling off the parts that I have? 


I'm sitting here with half a Marui 870 sadly. 

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there could be several issues causing this result... and they could be as simple as new noob staff, or staff on holiday/sick.
TMC is a good store and they wont deliberately keep half your shotgun for no reason... so should be just a communication problem.

chances are they have already posted it.

just keep trying to contact them asking for the sending and tracking number of your second half of the shotgun.

generally stores wont like threats of... "'if you don't do what i want... i'll make a paypal dispute / post in all forums a bad review" as it can be considered blackmail / extortion.
paypal dispute should be a last resort...with no communication or they are obviously ripping you off. 
and your have 45 days of the payment to make a paypal dispute if this is only option.

good luck and I wish your package a swift and uneventful journey.  :rolleyes:

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Sorry to hear that. Although I'm from HK and haven't dealt with them via internet ordering, my experience with them has been quite positive. In HK, if people don't reply to emails its not bc they are trying to scam you and steal your money (if they wanted to do that, they wouldn't have even bothered sending you the first half of your order), but rather there is a problem that they don't have a solution to yet, so won't reply to any emails until they can respond with a solution of some sort.


My guess is something unexpected happened to the other half of your 870, and they are still trying to figure out what to do... in the end I'm sure they will still honor the original order amount somehow.


If you need to source their phone number, shoot me a PM and I can help you out

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