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Hello new member present.


Quick facts.


I've been airsofting since mid 2011 when I finally decided to try it out. Started out with a simple SRC sportline and a WG co2 1911. Took a strong liking to the sport and now barely two years later my collection contains some heavy customs and some harder to come by ecentric rifles. 


I joined this forum since my local state forum highly regards it as being one of if not they best sources for information or hard to find parts.


While the part thing can come later I really need access to people that have the knowledge of working on more unsual guns like maruzen shell fed shotguns.


Hopefully I'l find the help I need here. 

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Welcome to the madness

You are indeed correct about knowledge on this forum . Several very decent techs are present on here . And also a lot of owners of rarer weopons .

So hopefully you should be able to grab any information you may need .

Wherea bouts are you based mate ?

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Michgian, southeast corner about 20 miles outside detroit. We have a fairly strong outdoor field community here with some sprinklings of indoor fields but I'm mostly a field guy myself. 


Not to mention my first ever time me and my friend went out to shoot it was at a indoor field. Was far from pleaseant. 


The facility was run by a airsoft team and when we got there it was essentially me, my friend, and one other random new guy agaisnt 4 guys who all had years of experience and heavily ROF/FPS tuned rifles with us using nothing more than a JG G36, SRC M4, and Cyma M14.

It was a massacre over and over again. After 10 rounds of them just shutting us out you think they may have rebalanced the teams but no they just enjoyed doing a pub stomp. 


Didn't help matters they were all using what I later learned would have been considered hot rifles for indoor action. Everything shooting like 410-415 for engagment distances of 5-10 feet. 


My  Noveske KHZ still has the marks where the paint was stripped clean off it and little indenents where bbs struck it. 


We were really close to just giving it up right there it was so unpleasent. Luckily we found a outdoor field next with a owner and users that were willing to take the time to help us newbies out and show us the ropes. 

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