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Key mod replacements for standard hand guards?


Now that looks interesting.


Well, see, if you'd liked the facebook page in my sig you'd know all the details already.   :cookiemonster:


Ha, I'm such a *badgeress*.  Anyway yeah they're a pretty sweet design, long as you like your forends super skinny (which luckily I do).  I'm hoping to see it stocked this side of the puddle fairly soon, they're certainly no more expensive than the MOE handguards which is pretty impressive in itself.  Should make an excellent option for airsoft IMO.


Please tell me you got the B5 Bravo stock and their grip as well...in Wolf Grey  :wub:


Heh, got a couple of the stocks (another on the way):




But I'm not working on any GBBRs at this exact moment so FG will have to do in place of Grey just for now.  Don't think I've actually seen their pistol grip for sale just yet, but it looks the same as the Umbrella which still has a bit of an angle to it and I was keen to try out a dead straight/vertical grip, so I've got TangoDown's new offering on the way.

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Can't go far wrong with the Thorntail.


Here's the bits for my LM4, just got back from Camo Lab.




Few little specs where there's breaks in the MC but there's clearly been a lot of prep time gone in with strip/undercoat etc with a nice clear layer on top to make it last.  

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