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"Gundog" from Clive Cussler's Oregon Files

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I've been always a big fan of Cussler's Oregon Files series for light reading. Now that I'm done with military impressions I've decided to build a kit based on what I'd use if I were one of Juan Cabrillo's gun-toting shore ops crew members. 


The firearms:



Barrett Rec7 is mentioned as the primary long arm of The Corporation in all of the more recent books. I think the last one in which it isn't included is Dark Watch (Juan and Linc use M4A1's at the end). The Glock 19 is mentioned in Dark Watch, Plague Ship, and the newest one, The Jungle, so is definitely in the Oregon's armory. I'd like to pick up a new MP5, but I'm not sure what to go for. In Dark Watch I'm pretty sure Cussler describes MP5SD's of some kind, but newer books mention MP5A4's. 

Other weapons mentioned:

-FN FAL (hidden in the Oregon's lifeboats)

-M60 of some kind (deck-mounted in fake oil barrels and attached to other vehicles)

-FN Five seveN (Juan's personal sidearm)

-Kel-Tec .380 (hidden in Juan's prosthetic leg)

-Barrett M82 (Linc's favorite weapon)

-some kind of pump action shotgun is mentioned in Skeleton Coast

-many AK's, of course

-Beretta M9/M92 






This was totally up to me so I use what I have lying around. I need to get a new chest rig because my GP pouches interfere with belt-mounted magazine draw. I think I'll go BFG. 


-Eagle LE chest rig

    -HSGI and ATS pouches

-Tyr Tactical Gunfighter's Belt


   -EGL dumper

   -Crye Gun Clip

   -Blackhawk! Gladius


I'll find time to take pictures of myself all set up in decent light soon. 


Anyone else want to try?

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I think in one of the ones I read (the one with the buried gold in a ship, the eco terrorists, the oil rig attack) they mention the ground team who blow up a damn. EDIT:Skeleton Coast!


Apparently they were in black gear, and them being ex SEALs? I think they used M4's and they mentioned carrrying explosives to breach doors and a lockpick set. So maybe add some SEALy touches, like a slap charge? That might be an earlier one though.


And I think they mentioned Juan carrying an Uzi? Although he wanted to carry a primary in the same caliber as the Five Seven (not sure why he didn't have a P90). Also used an RPG at the fort attack, I believe.


Congrats for doing this too mate, definitely a unique one! And basing a loadout on a book series? Is that a first?

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The one you're thinking of is Skeleton Coast. Yes, they do use M4's for the majority of that one, but most of the main characters take MP5's onto the oil rigs near the end. At one point a shore team member is described as using an M4 with some kind of underbarrel GL that allows for the contraction of the tube to adjust for range (?)


As for the black gear, I've noticed plenty of references to that, but I also remember "camouflage uniforms" and regular civvy clothes. I'm staying away from all-black simply because it's heavy and I don't like the look, and justifying that by the fact that the Oregon's "Magic Shop" supposedly has a huge inventory of uniforms and clothing with the capacity to manufacture items, in addition to crew members' privately purchased clothing and gear. 

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I think you're doing the right thing mate, the good thing is there is no right or wrong answer, so you can do what looks good :) obviously there are certain guidelines though. 


Also, I believe the pump action was a SPAS-12.


Also found this: http://vimeo.com/58614884


And there's a Clive Cussler forum, you could post this on there, they might like it.

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Thanks for the video! I've seen trailers and features for the show, just not that one. I'm not too convinced and I'm kind of thankful it most likely won't happen. It would just be weird. 


I'm a member on those forums as of yesterday. I just think I'll wait a bit before posting.


So you seem pretty interested in our little two-person thread. Are you going to throw something together?

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