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AllWin Combat Set in Multicam(Crye Precision Replica).

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-Ranging from $80 to $110 without shipping.


Since you can buy this set or another brands(TMC, Emerson, etc.) from many websites within a similar price range, it is up to you to find the shop with a good reputation and a reasonable price. I bought my set from AirsoftDepo.ca simply because I found other items available on that website that I also wanted to buy. With a price tag being around $100 for both the shirt and pants, as well as pads for the knees and elbows, I would say that it is a very good price considering the overall features. Keep in mind, I bought my set a few years ago and prices have gone down since on most websites. 




Considering the price of the set, I was suspicious of the quality. I did not expect something with a very high quality standard, but I also did not expect the product pieces to be of low quality either. First, lets start with the quality of the garments themselves, later moving onto the pads and other hardware/materials.


Seams: Upon opening the package, I checked all of the stitching seams to identify any faults in the stitching. I could find excess threads hanging off of a few areas where they had clearly finished the stitching for that row, and giving those threads a tug did not rip up the stitching. I simply removed the excess thread. 

After a few years and a lot of usage, I will attest to the quality of the stitching. Though I have experienced a few threads coming loose and dangling. Again, a light tug on the thread does not let it go, and I cut the thread off again. Of course, I have been a little bit weary over the continuation of this, but it has happened so rarely that I think the fabric may tear from an accident before the seams give way.


Fabrics: There are three basic types of fabric used on this garment; one being the Multicam camouflage fabric, another flat tan fabric for the torso of the shirt, and yet another for the ventilation of the upper buttocks and around the knees. 


-The Multicam fabric is like most uniform fabrics of military specification. It says that it is of 100% Cotton, and I assume that it is true. This fabric seems to be able to hold up a lot of use, whether it be consistent abrasions or snags/crashes. I crashed a quad ATV that resulted in myself flying over the handlebars and landing/sliding at least 4 meters on gravel, therefore breaking my Pectoral Girdle. The only damage that the pants took was a very small hole on the small pocket on the right thigh, I was not wearing the shirt at the time of the crash. 


-The fabric on the torso of the shirt is some sort of soft cotton material similar to any sift Tee-Shirt. It is not quite thin, nor is it actually thick. I do not think that it offers any form of moisture wicking effect besides sweat being soaked into it much like any Tee-Shirt. Though, it does help a lot in keeping the torso cool due to the much more breathable material. It covers all of the torso besides the upper part of the shoulders and neck, but it also goes far down the undersides of the arms to allow armpits to ventilate.


-The synthetic material that is around the knees and upper buttocks is not as stretchy as I had expected. This lead me to believe that it could cause problems while kneeling because of the stresses the material/seams would be experiencing. At first, the material seemed as if it would tear easily along the seam where it is sown onto the Multicam fabric on the most upper part of the knee. To my delight, it has not torn and does not seem as if it will tear anytime soon. 


Now onto the pads and other hardware/materials:


-The pads are some type of hard but flexible plastic shell with a relatively dense formed foam backing it. The foam pad is covered with a thin black fabric which has not showed any signs of wear. The plastic shell is sown onto the foam pad with a thick nylon thread, which has come loose on the right knee pad several times now. All I did to take care of it was to cut the excess thread and burn the end, it has come loose again but has not caused any loosening between the foam pad and the plastic shell. 


-There are only two places on this set with zippers, one being on the neck of the shirt, the other being the zipper on the front of the crotch as most pants have. The zippers are two different sizes, the one on the shirt being smaller. The zipper on the shirt is one that I rarely use, but it has seemed to work well and never broken or malfunctioned. The zipper on the pants has never ben broken or malfunctioned either but is used much more, they both seem very durable and are made of metal.


-Velcro is used quite extensively on the garment. On the shirt it is only seen on the deltoid pockets, both to secure the pocket flaps and to attach patches to. The pants have much more Velcro, all of the ten pockets are secured by Velcro on the Gen.2 model. There is also Velcro to replace the button above the crotch zipper, therefore that Velcro is used quite often but has shown no signs of diminished securing quality. There are two sets of adjustment points secured by Velcro, one for each knee and one for each ankle. All Velcro is of high quality. 


-The plastic keepers and straps in the vertical adjustment system of the knee pads are also of good quality. The straps are a flexible soft type of nylon weave, whereas the plastic keepers are obviously hard. When worn I cannot feel the plastic keepers at all, nor do I feel the straps. None of them have broken and I can imagine them holding up further.


-There are Velcro patches on the foam pads to help secure them when they are inserted into the pockets on the uniform. The Velcro patches are only attached via a type of adhesive which does not stick well at all, I removed the Velcro patches as they are not actually needed.




According to the size chart on AirsoftDepot.ca it seems to be quite accurate. I am 171.5cm(5'7.25") tall , 97cm(38") waist, 105cm(41") chest. Although my waist equates to 38" I always wear 32-34 sized pants. I ordered a size Medium uniform and it all fits well. I am able to adjust the waist tighter if needed due to the Velcro closure along with a belt. The only thing I have an issue with is the length of the shirt itself. The arm length is good enough, even a bit too long for my arms but that's how I prefer a military uniform.

The actual problem I have is that the length of the torso does not go down far enough, and I am not even a tall person. While the pants are supposed to be worn higher than how most pants are worn. The human waist is measured at the navel, above the hips on males, and most pants are meant to be worn just above the hip line, though a large amount of people wear their pants well below that... My measurements I posted above is not the actual waist, it's where I usually wear my pants: right above the hip line. The length of the torso of the shirt will go down to just above my hip line and I wear these pants at my actual waist, but the shirt does work itself out of the pants rather quickly. I would have rather had it be like the real Crye or perhaps like other replicas may be, when the torso goes farther down. I do not know if other replicas are better with this part of the shirt but from pictures I have seen they look to be much the same as the shirt I have.

The shirt is also a little tight around the upper part of my shoulders. I feel that I would be best off with a large sized shirt and medium sized pants. Even if the length of the arms would be even longer, I think that the overall size of it would fit my torso much better. 




Due to this being a replica set of the Crye Precision AC Combat Uniform I assume you all want to know if it is accurate to the real version. As far as I can tell, the quality may not be up to par with Crye's but I will focus more on colors rather than quality in my comparison.


The Multicam pattern looks to be quite accurate to official versions of the pattern. With any camouflage pattern you can expect slight variations with different batches. I have seen real Crye uniforms with very similar colors to this replica's pattern, and I have seen real Crye uniforms with different colors, even real Crye uniforms with a reddish hue to it. All in all, I feel that this camouflage patterns colors looks very well and realistic. 


The soft torso fabric is a light sand tan color, seemingly accurate to the real Crye version. There is not much to say about it really.


The synthetic fabric covering the knees and upper buttock area is almost a Coyote Brown color, whereas the real Crye uniforms I have seen are more tan colored than brown. Some may care about that, others may not. 


There are no tags stating that it is made by Crye Precision, there are only the usual military style tags of identification of the model and how to wash it. There are two tags on the lower right side on the front of the shirt, this has caused a bit of irritation to my skin when tucked into the pants, one tag right above the other. The tag inside the pants is located on the back pocket inside of the pants, not inside the pocket itself.




There are two deltoid pockets on the shirt with quite a bit of room to hold small things. On the pants there are 10 pockets total; 2 medium sized back pockets, 2 long internal pockets on the front/sides(like most pants), 2 small on the front of each thigh, 2 large cargo pockets, and 2 small pockets on each ankle. The back pockets and the regular pants pockets are internal pockets, the rest are external with a lot of room inside each, appropriate for the size of the pocket itself. 

Of course, there are pockets to hold the elbow pads and knee pads as well. 


There are 5 belt loops around the waist, all with a small loop at the bottom to hook something into(keychain, carabiner, etc.). The waist has a high back and the waist overall is lightly padded with extra fabric inside. This makes the waist more rigid than other pants and fits better to a persons waist. 


There are vertical adjustment straps for the knee pads located inside the internal front/side pants pocket. As I said above, I cannot feel the plastic keepers when wearing the pants, I also have problems getting my hands into the pocket due to the relatively tight design around that area, though this is not a problem for me as I never use that pocket anyway. 


The knee pads and elbow pads are excellent features in and of themselves and is the general cause for people to purchase this uniform. I do not use the elbow pads myself, I have not found a reason to really need them. While the knee pads are stable and set when inserted into their compartment, the elbow pads are not as secure on me due to the loose fitting around the arms on the shirt. To counter this there are elastic straps to better hold them closer to the users arms.





Note that the fabric around the knees and the upper buttocks is quite a reddish coyote brown, this is not the true color. Perhaps the redness of the brown comes out more with my computer monitor or perhaps the camera that I used. All other colors look accurate to seeing it with the naked eye.


I did not take many detailed pictures because there are so many pictures of the uniform online already, and can be found with a simple image search on whichever browser one prefers. 











If anyone has any questions that were not answered above, please feel free to ask. Please, do also critique my review. I am looking forward to writing other reviews of pieces of kit that I have used for a while and some feedback would be nice, whether it be posted here or send via PM.


Thank you.

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