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New guy from The Netherlands


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Seeing as Airsoft has just been legalized over here, these forums are probably being flooded by Dutchies... Here's another one  :D


Hey guys, my name's Victor and I have been playing airsoft pretty much since it's possible in Holland. Starting after a couple of years in the Army (alas, no deployments... I failed the infantry officer course), I figured I could make my work into my hobby so I started playing. 


I'm currently modding and upgrading an el cheapo Dboys M4 CQBR into a better-performing Mk18 Mod 1, which will be an ongoing project stretching into 2014 probably (or crossing the finish line somewhere in the coming months, depending on free time and finance (work, girlfriend, study, hobby... They all demand attention...)


So, that's it for me, I promise I will try to behave...

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