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Didn't see any review for this shop so I figured I'd post something up. 


I originally placed an order for a no name Noveske rail and some Troy battle sight replicas made by Element. I had some buyer remorse on the rail after considering how many off brand rails can be of low quality and asked them to cancel my order. I quickly received a response and the order was cancelled for me. I later placed an order for only the Element sights as I couldn't find them elsewhere and here are the details on the order. 


Order Placed: 9/27/13

Shipping Label Created: 9/28/13

Date order arrived: 10/15/13


As you can see they're very similar to ebairsoft when it comes to wait time for the order to arrive at your door. Their prices aren't bad and they do have some products that I haven't seen for sale at other online shops. 


In the end, I'd order with them again as long as it's not for a product that I need immediately and can actually wait for. 

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Am I getting this right that "Shipping Label Created" is when your order gets dragged to the post office? Because then, there isn't much anyone can do when the parcel gets into the postal system.

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