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First of all if my writing looks funny to you, don't abuse me, I'm not a native English speaker.


Clark Savage, born and bred in a tropical island of the Indian Ocean, travelled to France, studied there and after a heartbreak joined the French Foreign Legion, got my kepi, didn't quite like it so I rescinded my contract when I was still allowed to do it (just in time though). Travelled again here and there, in Africa mostly and now I've been in Blighty for 3 years and I'm settled in the North Yorkshire.

I started airsot in 2000 when I was a student in France, I haven't played since 2008 but I still own an AEG and a GBBR and I've managed to salvage my gear and bring it here. I'm still a member of a French Team http://www.trap67.com/menu.html, I see my mates once every 2 years, they've become close friends and though I'm away most of the time, friends remain friends and I still try to get some useful input in the team.

But I've got an itching triggerfinger now, I'm looking for teams and games in N. Yorks for a foreign ol' timer.

Hope to meet you soon in the field fellas.

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