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Tokyo Marui UZI

Josiah Hull

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Tokyo Marui UZI
Internals are stock, and should remain so if one would like to have it remain among the functioning. Externally it has been modified with a threaded barrel, and I also made a shorter threaded barrel section so that the mock silencer would sit against the barrel nut. If anyone has had any experience with this gun, they know it is extremely quiet.

The gun runs very well on the included 7.4v lipo stick battery. Included are 13 Star brand 30rd mags, the original 30rd TM mag, and 3 TM highcaps, two are new in package, the other is in packaging but has been used. Two 7.4v 1400 stick Lipos, and a foamed silencer are also included.

It’s been a while since one of these has been for sale so I am asking $250 OBO Shipped and Paypal included for the entire package. No I will not part anything out.






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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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