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Pencott GZ and ATACS FG at Flecktarn.co.uk

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With NATO following airsoft's lead and going Multicam (or its variants), it's been some time coming that airsofters not wanting to look military are looking to be served by new, civilian (or not yet military adopted) camouflages.  More than military users, airsofters need effective concealment because of the relatively closer ranges (nothing beyond 100m!) the game is played at.  


Getting away from the 'once solution fits all' concept which sounds great in theory, especially to budget committees, civilian camo R&D is concentrating once again on specialised terrain camouflages.  Pencott, ATACS and Kryptek are front runners in this, with tonally differentiated camouflages to maximise concealment for specific terrains.  They are also giving the traditional 'hunting' camouflages (the ones which look like you have leaves printed on you) a run for their money, offering the same specialised terrain colourations without actual images of too-specific terrain (branches, leaves) printed on.  


So great news for airsofters not wanting to be confused with military, but wanting a camouflage that doesn't go over the line into hunting.  We are pleased to have the range of Propper ATACS AU and FG (AU doesn't just work in desert, but also great in heath), LK's highly technical smocks, trousers and shirts made to exacting German standards in ATACS FG and Pencott GZ, and Helikon's Pencott GZ.  


Here are quick links to the full selection, or, alternatively, you can go to our loadout selector and choose your camo from there.










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