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New to this Forum, from Colorado


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Hello all,


I am a new user to this Forum, but I have viewed it many times over the years.  I am 44 years old, live in Colorado, and have played for over 4 years.  My youngest son (15 years old) got me into the sport and still plays with me today.  I own a ton of different weapons including over 60 rifles, 30 pistols, and many other types including a custom self-modified AT-4 (made out of a real AT-4).  I have run and help run fields for over 3 years now.  Look forward to chatting with the other members here.





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Welcome to Arnies. This place is still pretty sweet as far as airsofting and other various forms of debauchery, but mostly airsofting. 


I usually lurk alot, don't know why but your post just stuck in my craw and so i decided to be proactive instead of douchey. 


If you have any questions, feel free to drop a PM...once again...welcome...

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