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This is my experience with the retailer Para2Airsoft.


On June 20th I ordered a Blue force gear 10 speed bandolier and a Magpul AAC M4-2000 Silencer kit, both items were shown as in stock.

They then emailed me and told me that the silencer is out of stock and they didn't know when it would be back in, so do I want store credit or a refund. I chose a refund.

The Bandolier didn't turn up for over a week so my guessing is they had to order it in for me, if thats the case why didn't it show out of stock on their site.

Then about three weeks ago I was checking my PayPal account and realised I never got my refund either. I called them up and was told they would pass my query on to the accounts department and sort it for me (an airsoft shop has a accounts department, what is this John Lewis?), I've still not received anything.

I have tried to call them several times since but they don't answer their phone, and it's been to long to open a PayPal dispute so I have sent them a email asking what is going on.

Their web site is now not taking orders but they say they will be back soon. Now I know it's only £70 but I would just like to let others know be wary of this retailer.

If anyone knows anything about them or I'm a bit off base then please chime in.


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