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Dytac M4 10.5" cqb

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On arrival I was impressed with the externals and overall build quality. Decided to start pimping the externals and decided to a fit a Vltor front iron sight. On removal of standard front sight I found that once the pins where knocked through a large amount metal swerf came out where it had been drilled through for the pins to be fitted. On removal this scratched the outer barrel. But hey not to bad I thought at least it looks better now.


So today came for my first chronoing and testing. 7.4v lipo fitted a few shots down range and BB's where double feeding and also dropping out the barrel. Tried chronoing and first shot was 327 followed by 87, 93, 66, 78 and 54. As this was my only aeg I decided I had to change the rubber (I would normally have sent back but I needed a gun to skirmish with) and found the body pin tight to remove not to bad i thought as at least it would not come loose in a game. Fitted a Guarder clear rubber, but when i came to fit the upper and lower receiver back together the holes really did not line up that well and had to get a mate to press them together whilst i tapped the body pin back in with a small hammer.


When chronoed again 265, 267, 268, 264 at least it was consistent I thought. Range was a bit better but not perfect as the hop was either on and rising or off and dropping short. Not perfect but skirmishable upto about 20 meters so I thought not a complete waste of a day.


First shot in the first game mag stopped winding, but not a problem I though as I have brought more mags. To find that nobe of my others would feed without lifting them up in the magwell, which then caused the hop to play up and double feed (All hicaps tested-TM, CA, Dboys none worked without lifting). Found out that one of the circlips had come off in the mag and jammed the bb feed tube.


Must admit at this point it was going in the bin, really not impressed with it overall. I know it was cheap at £135 (some places it sells for £200), but i have had Dboys aeg's work betterout the box. As i have messed with it to try and get it going i would not deem to contact Land Warrior to return as they have always been spot on everything i have had from them in the past and i know i should not have messed but i was desperate as not played for sometime.


Just wondered if anyone else is having similar problems or have i got the one lemon?


Rating 1 out of 10.


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