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hey guys newbie that needs advice....


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hey guys, im chris 23 from Scotland. im going to be heading up to section 8 in December to play on a walk on. never been before and never done airsoft so kind of nervous but i love stuff like that. im lost with all the guns but i think i may have found the one after my 3 games when i get my UKARA i fancy an HK416....what do you all think? thanks guys :) 

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Welcome to the sport!  In the end, the gun you choose is down to personal taste, but I'd suggest trawling the review section of this forum for info.  Some brands of 416 rifles may not be as well performing as others.  Plus there are not only AEG (automatic electric gun) versions but also GBBR (gas blow back rifle) versions. 


Some threads to read:






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