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Placed an order, received the quote, and order number and immediately completed the payment. Unfortunately later that day I got a surprise medical bill and immediately e-mailed UNCompany asking to cancel my order.



UNCompany responds stating that the order has been cancelled.



I send an e-mail asking if there was any update on the refund of my payment for thr cancelled order. They respond later that day stating that they can't find my payment and to send them my paypal transaction number which I do immediately.



I still receive no refund or any updates on the status so I send another e-mail asking on the status.



I file a paypal dispute hoping this will get their attention.



Still no response so I file a claim. It states that they have until 11.29.13 to respond.



Still no response from them to me or the Paypal claim.


Definitely won't ever make another transaction with them again and cant recommend them to anyone else. My order was just under $100 and its been tied up this entire time. Who knows if my order would've even been sent out had I not cancelled it.

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Case was found in my favor and I received a refund. UNCompany didn't even respond to the claim.


I won't say they're a bad company as this could have been an isolated incident but just keep this incident in mind when considering an order.

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Since this post so far just surrounds around one incident, thought I would offer my two-cents on dealing with UNCompany. I've only ordered from UNCompany once, but I think the process was quite smooth and my order arrived relatively quick considering it was shipped right around Christmas.


Looking at my old emails, I placed the order through their website 12.16.2014.


Received detailed confirmation and quote 12.18.2014. Was informed that some of the items I ordered was out of stock. My order contained a lithium battery, so they also informed me this would have to be shipped seperately via surface mail. Emailed them back saying that in that case I want to remove the battery from my order. Received revised order confirmation and quote later the same day.


Payment completed through paypal 12.18.2014


Order was shipped from UNCompany 12.24.2014


Order arrived Norway 12.30.2014, pending customs inspection.


I received my order a week or so after new year, after it cleared customs, unfortunately don't remember the exact date.

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