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Arnies Custom Build Competition: Results

Kenworth W900

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Well, the 2013 ACBC has come to an end and I have the pleasure of announcing the winners.


We have a tie for 1st place, with 48 votes each, between marvk and renegadecow


And in 3rd place, with 16 votes, is CatgutViolin


Rest assured there is a lot more to be said in the post-match analysis of the competition and I need to do things like organise the prizes for the winners - which has proved more difficult than first anticipated as I didn't reckon on there being 3 international members in the top spots. In fact, the only losers were British. However, as it's getting late here I'm just gonna post up the above results, as promised, and update with the rest later on.

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But as a gentleman, you didn't. I'm pretty excited, thanks for all your votes guys, even though it was my first project presented here in comparison with all the work renegadecow already shared with us here.


And of course thanks to Kenworth W900 for organizing the ACBC, i'm looking forward to a possible repetition of the competition. Hopefully with some more participants and finished projects.



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Congrats to the joint winners. Really couldn't have asked for a better result as both were really impressive. Congrats to everyone who got an entry in as well. It has been very interesting seeing what folks have come up with and how they went about constructing their finished pieces.

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Allow me to update with a few things that I didn't say above:


Firstly, a big thank you to absolutely everyone who got involved in some way or other with the competition for this year.


We had 122 votes cast in total, spread across 5 entries from members in 4 different countries on 3 different continents. So, despite the small beginnings, the contest is already something of an international hit :P


For the sake of absolute and complete openness I will declare that at the turn of midnight on the voting deadline I believe there was one entry that had a small lead over the other. I will not state which of the entries this was as it will cause unnecessary upheaval in my opinion. I think that the joint winners of the competition are happy with the result as both have taken the top spot and will receive a prize. The reason why we ended up with a draw is because I did not close the voting at midnight precisely (so it is my fault) because I fell asleep whilst waiting to close the thread at that time. However, the voting deadline was largely arbitrary as an entire month was given but votes largely piled in at the end so I think the competition will have a wildly different outcome dependent on the voting period, a day, a week, a month, a year, etc. In way it was nice to see the two prevailing forum favourites come out jointly on top. Also, as this is an international forum, midnight on the voting deadline is rather obscure as I am referring to GMT which not everyone bases themselves upon (obviously) and I never did declare the vote to be midnight rather just have 'all votes in by the end of Wednesday the 4th'. So, hopefully this ambiguity in some small way excuses the sloppy organisation of the voting deadline and I hope no one will hold it against me.


Thank you again to Firesupport Airsoft UK who kindly offered to support the competition and donate store voucher prizes to the top 3 entries. I very much appreciate those guys for allowing there to be an actual prize for the winners, on top of the obvious kudos of winning the first annual ACBC.


For anyone wondering, the first and second place prizes will be added together and shared between marvk and renegadecow, meaning that each will receive the equivalent of £75 of stuff when all is said and done. Again, it will take a little time for me to organise this with the winners (so please bare with me) and establish whether or not Firesupport will export directly to the winner's countries or whether other arrangements will have to be made. There are many possibilities, I may end up shipping out gear to the winners myself if Firesupport can't do so, or I will take the store vouchers for my own use and forward the cash equivalent electronically to the winners, etc. Rest assured the winners will receive there goodies in some way or other in good time.


Returning for a moment to the issue, if you consider it to be one, of the competition having ended in a draw. I was hoping to avoid this from the outset by having a 'blind vote' whereby no one could see who had received what votes. This, I think would have alleviated the process of tactical voting based on who was already in the lead. I don't doubt for a moment that the two entries which eventually prevailed would have been the two most popular anyway (and I also still believe that my entry would have remained at the bottom) but I believe that there would be more members basing their choices solely upon their personal tastes rather than taking part in the race to the top between the two leading entries. Unfortunately, this blind vote could not be organised in time for the voting this year. I am hopeful that it will be an option for us during the vote next year.


May I also join you guys above in congratulating the winners of the competition - especially renegadecow whose project I voted for personally based upon the sheer beauty of the final result. But seriously, thanks again to everyone for the quality of entries, I think each one had merit and added to the true customisation spirit of the event (even if I do say so myself :) )


Finally, I can confirm that the next ACBC will commence almost immediately. Even with the same amount of support, votes, entries and enthusiasm as we had this year a 2014 event would be worth it but, of course, we are all hoping that the next competition will be bigger and better than this time around.


With that in mind, I should like to right away, without waiting until the new comp opens, declare that I am looking for other members to help with the organisation of the 2014 contest. One or two volunteers will suffice, preferably forum regulars, who have enjoyed this years competition and want to help make next year's even better. Hopefully, by adding there own suggestions and crucially to help with getting ACBC posts/topics up on time, keeping the comp updated and on schedule, contacting entrants, organising the voting process, liaising with supporters and aiding with promotion of the contest. Any help would be much appreciated as I have struggled to keep on top of everything this time around and I would like to see the operation become much smoother for next year. Please PM me!

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Yes, there are indeed prizes :D


And yes, Firesupport are great for having a supply, albeit somewhat intermittent, of TM Uzi bits and pieces - and really the only source in the UK currently.


Btw, when you PM'ed me to volunteer to help out earlier RC you reminded me of something which I forgot to add into my above post. It was really disappointing to see so many dropouts from the competition considering the number of those that initially registered interest in the competition. As I have stated in the past I am aware that there are a myriad of reasons why this can happen, meeting the deadline was something that even I could only narrowly achieve (didn't really finish my pistol to where I wanted to). I also very much expected some dropouts, but even with it being the first time around, I figured on there being maybe 10 out of 20 or so in the final voting thread.


So, I am not going to have a go at those who could not get there entries ready by any means but I will say here now, even before the next ACBC opens, that I would like only those who can commit to following through with a custom project to put themselves forward for the competition. Either that or enter a nearly complete project like I ended up doing this time.

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