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Vans GRAPH MultiCam shoes (Low milage, size 12 US)

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I bought a pair of these at the beginning of last summer and only wore them a few times (and over a 2 week long vacation in florida where they saw most of their use)

they are too thin for me. my feet are a size B width and these are a size A. so if you have long and thin feet, these will be great for you.


they are part of Vans new line of super lightweight shoes. these things weigh only ounces.


they are in used but good condition. the foam soles have a little bit of dirt in them and im going to clean them tomorrow and post pictures. all 2 of the seams in these things (since they are mostly glued together) are still good and the shoes still have years of use left.


you can find them currently new for $75 i believe. so im pricing them at $40 shipped.


again, will post pics tomorrow.



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