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2014 Arnies Custom Build Competition

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Now that the 2013 contest has successfully passed, please let me welcome everyone to the second annual Arnies Custom Build Competition (ACBC). The contest will, once again, let us compete to see who can create the best custom weapon creation of the year.


Rules & Guidelines


Who can enter?
The competition is open to all Arnies Airsoft members.

How do I enter?
Entrants have almost a full year to get involved. When you decide you want to join the competition please PM me on here so you can be added to the official list of entrants. Please only enter if you actually intend to submit an entry for voting.

Entrants are welcome to and encouraged to post their very own build progress threads in the sub-forum. Alternatively, you may post progress updates in the communal Custom Weapon Builds: Progress Thread. Or, for the late comers or those who want to keep their custom weapons a surprise until the end – you may wish to have your creation unveiled only when the final judging poll is opened.

What weapons may be entered?
Whatever crazy/elegant/awesome custom creation you can think of. All entrants please be aware that this is a custom weapon competition. We do not want bog-standard guns. Nor do we want weapons with accessories simply bolted on the RIS rails.


This competition is about getting the customisation juices flowing within the creators amongst us – therefore the competition will not be accepting any old projects. So, for example, as awesome as Candyman’s custom Alpine TPG-1 was, he could not enter it into the competition since that was built a good 5 years or more ago - this is all about fresh builds.

How does the judging work?
Final judging will be conducted as an open poll. All Arnies members will have a vote. Members are completely free to vote as they wish, however the recognition of ingenuity, resourcefulness and inventiveness is encouraged in order to give those on lower budgets a fighting chance.

What do I win?

Prizes = TBA


What dates should I remember?
Today, 16th December 2013: Competition begins

Sunday, 9th November 2014: Deadline for all entries

Friday, 14th November 2014: Voting opens

Friday, 12th December 2014: Voting closes

Sunday, 14th December 2014: Results are revealed

. Please note that the competition will accept entries from any projects started in 2013 onwards (also including any projects started for the 2013 ACBC but not submitted for voting).

2. Please note that, despite any and all entries being very welcome, prior to the opening of the voting process any entries which are in blatant contravention of the guidelines above may be removed from the list of entries. This is merely to weed out weapons such as a bog standard G36 from being entered into and cluttering up the voting poll.
3. TBA - The voting poll will be private. That is to say, no one will know the results until after the voting period closes. This is to prevent ‘tactical’ voting processes.
4. Please note that regrettably, due to the potential volume of entries, only one weapon may be entered per member.
5. The ACBC is still relatively new. As such, the competition rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time where slight tweaks may be necessary.

6. All competition entry build progress threads must be placed in the competition sub-forum.

If you have any further questions, queries or comments regarding the new competition, please visit the dedicated Q&A Thread or PM me at any time.

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