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OK I've used these guys for years, mainly buying high powered MTB offroad lights and LED torches etc.


They've always delivered and I've never had any customs charges.


They've taken a common sense attitude to returns/faulty goods and have a UK address to send stuff back to and have also paid for locally available spare parts/repairs.


Now that I've got into airsoft - imagine my surprise when I realised they also did loads of useful airsoft kit. Rails, lasers, mounts, masks etc etc,


The main section is in Hobbies & Toys> Airsoft & Guns Supplies but if you look in Sports & Outdoors > War Games Accessories there's a bunch of stuff too.


Some of the stuff is very cheap but the good thing is there are plenty of customer reviews so you can sift through to figure out what's best value. It's a huge site and easy to get lost among masses of very similar items so hit "wish list" for everything you look at and then use the list to compare everything.


If you click "Drop Shipping" option I think it hekps for customs purposes.


This is what I mean by cheap:






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DX is a cheap source of cheap junk, but they did rip me off a couple of years back.  I bought a phone that that did not operate on the frequencies described (turned out to have an incorrect description which they edited); they ran out the clock with nonsensical emails, finally demanding I ship it back to them before issuing a refund.  Once I did they stopped responding altogether, putting me out around $300.    


In hindsight a snatchback and/or CC claim at the first signs of shadiness was the appropriate strategy.   

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Well I guess no retailer is perfect but I've never had any issues with them myself.


It is a huge rambling site and pretty hard to navigate round. I tend to buy things which have loads of good reviews already. User reviews can also point out inaccuracies in product descriptions.


Stuff can take a while to come. 7 days has been the fastest and 4 weeks has been the longest for me although ordering any time round the Chinese new year can take ages.

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I use them for odds and ends, it's like Christmas when a parcel arrives, as it's been that long, you forget you ordered something!


Wouldn't order anything expensive from them though, too many horror stories from Chinese dropshipping (like kojak). Not just dx, Chinese companies in general ;)

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