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ATACS FG Tactical Caps 8.95 each, and plenty of other headwear

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Just before Christmas - our ATACS FG tactical caps and boonies have shown up!  We don't want to be charging you over 15.00 for just a hat, on its own.  That would be ridiculous.  And we don't want to be selling cheap knockoff hats that won't match with your genuine gear.  So we've got genuine ATACS FG, AU caps and tactical boonies in four sizes (56, 58, 60 and 62) in.  Caps are 8.95 GBP each and have velcro on the front, top and rear just above the adjustable strap.  The underside is antiglare so it doesn't get in the way of your view.  Boonies are 9.95 GBP each and have velcro on the rear as well as ventilation rivets and adjustable chinstrap.  


We also have these in CADPAT TW, same price as ATACS, and genuine DPM and desert DPM ripstop and Flecktarn fabric, all from fabric stocks meant to go to the MoD (or German MoD), so they are IRR, Vat dyed and will be a match for any genuine gear you might have.  






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