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Hi all,


I've just uploaded a review of the South African M83 chest rig to my teams blog.

If you get a minute have a quick read. I'd also welcome any feedback as its my first review






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Price guide on SADF kit can be really hard as it fluctuates so much.


The chest rigs can go for anywhere between £20 and £100. If i remember I paid £25 for mine but £25 to £35 is a good, fair price.

Again where you can buy from varies a lot as its much more militaria than general field equipment. eBay is normally a best bet as most in the UK is held by private collectors. Alternatively I know GBF Militaria stock some currently and I've ordered from them before and they're top quality. 

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It's a good review. You go through all the features in a logical order, talk through all the major features, and hit all the key points that affect the user of that sort of product.

Only thing I would say is that in future reviews, a short discussion on cost and value for money would be nice, although in this case it works without, as we know the price of these rigs fluctuates widely.


Out of interest, have you actually run G3 mags in one of these? It looks like the perfect rig for my purposes, but I don't want to shell out only to find they won't quite work.

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Nice! It'll last a million times longer and with SADF kit unissued i very, very, very rare!


My SADF rucksack has been through the Border war with the 44 para battalion and then Iraq with PMCs and has only had two minor repairs

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