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Tactical Tailor MAV 1 Chest Rig And Associated Pouches Review.

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After getting back into airsoft a few years ago, and no longer wanting to do the whole plate carrier / helmet / milsim thing anymore, I decided I wanted to go with only what I really needed and so losing the deadweight, at first glance it could be described as pseudo PMC. Anyway, I was on the hunt for a chestrig that would tick all the required boxes.

I was after a chestrig that had plenty PALS but was still relatively simple and un-cluttered.


After looking around all the various makers I came to Tactical Tailor, of which I already owned the ‘Dump Demo Pouch’ and ‘Modular Leg Rig Large’, of which, when I used it, I had no complaints.



The Chestrig:


So their ‘MAV Body 1 Piece’ showed itself and pretty much covered all my requirements and I settled on this model. There is, of course, the ‘MAV Body 2 Piece’ which is basically the same except for the split down the front and the addition of two Fastex buckles to allow you to take the rig off ‘jacket’ style.

If you look on the internet most people say that they got the MAV 2 model and that is the one to get since it allows easier exit. However, and obviously there are occasions when this might be crucial, for me, an added few seconds of taking the rig off ‘jumper’ style is neither here nor there.

More importantly I didn’t want a break in the PALS loops or the pouches being moved to far to the rear and the MAV 1 allows continuous and greater flexibility with the pouch arrangements.


The MAV 1 arrived and essentially it is one sheet of 1000D Cordura folded over, folded at the bottom with stitching at the sides and top, with associated webbing and fittings attached. There is also a large internal pocket accessed via a Velcro closure located in the centre, covering a width of 6 loops, from one buckle to the other. This access allows storage from one side of the MAV to the other and, as you might imagine, for relatively flat, tall or flexible items. All stitching lines are a minimum of double passes with webbing attachment points having triple or quadruple passes. The only single line of stitching is the bottom edge of the opposing Velcro sections for the pocket, however, that is perfectly sufficient for its purpose.


There was also a triangular plastic do-da(see website photo) that spliced the shoulder straps together but I found this unnecessary and it impeded the removal of the rig so I ditched it.



The Pouches:


From left to right we have the following:

1x Tactical Tailor Hydration Joey Pouch

2x Blackhawk Strike Double Pistol Mag Pouches

4x Tactical Tailor 5.56 Single Mag Pouch 30 rd

1x Accessory Pouch 1H


Concentrating on the TT pouches for the moment, the Joey Pouch is made from 1000D Cordura. From a visual comparison with the other pouches I think they are also 1000D, mind you, I’m no expert.


I’m not going to review the Blackhawk pouches as there is plenty of info out there, they do their job and they fit just fine on the TT rig.


The quality of the TT pouches is top notch with all the seams, edges etc perfectly lined up and stitched with multiple passes. The zips on the Joey pouch are about double the gauge of the Accessory Pouch zip but both suit their purpose. All PALS loops are tight and flat, again multiple stitch passes.


Internal construction of the Joey and Accessory pouch differ in that the Joey is a much heavier and robust construction with nicely taped and stitched internal seams while the Accessory pouch is of a much simple, spartan construction with no seam tape. However, for my purposes e.g. phone, car keys, suppressor, biscuits, it is perfect.


I use the Joey pouch to hold a bicycle water bottle measuring 75mm x 195mm and it is a perfect drop-in fit, with room to spare.


The mag pouches are excellent and, as is evident, can be utilised for multiple purposes, including a pistol holster. On the right you can see that I have my Alan radio in one of the mag pouches, minus the securing bungee cord, and it is a nice, deep friction fit. Granted, I did attack the pouch with a magazine wrapped in a layer of cardboard box just to stretch the pouch out a bit, from front to rear.

In this current set-up, I am using MP5 mags and I have removed the webbing bungee tabs and added some cord locks instead to allow the bungee to be tightened and so securing the mags. Obviously, the pouches are made for real steel so when using my M4 mags they are swallowed up more than a real mag giving you less to grab. However, I have Magpuls installed so it is not an issue at all.


Now, the securing method for the pouches. TT uses the 'Malice Clip' system, basically an oversized, beefed up, flat, one-click ziptie. When I first used these clips with my first TT pouch purchase, mentioned at top, I was dubious and just felt that these retention devices didn’t fit in with webbing. However, these days I have no such prejudices against them and they are sturdy and do the job perfectly.


One thing I would point out is, when you attach the pouches, as they are from the factory, the Malice clips are mounted with the ‘buckle’ downwards. I found that when I used my rig, as set-up in the photo, the buckles slightly protruded beyond the lower edge of the chestrig and would dig in to my stomach and sides.

This was easily cured by simply removing the Malice clips and turning them 180° and having the buckles uppermost. Problem solved and with no impact or hindrance to pouch access.


Some people swear by the TT ‘X Harness’ which replaces the regular shoulder strap system with a more substantial LBEesque system. I ummed and arred about getting one prior to buying the rig because a lot of people on the net were saying their delicate skin was having a hard time. However, I have found absolutely no reason for one even with an arm length t-shirt type top.


To sum up, the whole system is excellent - pure and simple! I have no complaints. The continuous and generous strip of PALS is ideal for me as it allows me to balance my carry weight from left to right i.e. pistol mags on the right, rifle mags on the left etc (I shoot a pistol with my left and rifles/subs etc with my right). It has the space for everything I need to carry to get my kills and the price is not bad either.


Buy one!



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