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Despite the title, they are based in Krakow, Poland.


I've used them three times now and have been very impressed by their service.


I've e-mailed a couple of times with questions and they've responded within a day or so with helpful answers.


When asked if they'd downgrade a gun to lower FPS for UK skirmishing they offered to change the spring to a suitable rating for no extra cost.


Some of the stuff on the site is very cheap, especially tactical gear. There's a good choice of BBs and they sell huge bulk packs. Most of the guns are well priced too and often have batteries/chargers as well. If the order is over roughly £59 then shipping with UPS is free. It takes around 4-5 days and is fully trackable.


When I ordered a RIF they printed out my full UKARA details and stuck them on the outside of the parcel although there was no evidence of HMRC messing with the package.


They only list stuff that they have in stock and items disappear from your cart if they go out of stock which can be annoying although they e-mail you when it comes back in again.


All in all - highly recommended.  :)

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I agree with the OP and mike_west, Despite of a small catalogue, they have great prices and awesome service, my only gripe is that, they are too good for my monthly budget :lol:


Gunfire has a bigger catalogue, but prices are a bit higher unless the buyer waits for their regular sales. Two of the best shops I know, to the point of choosing them over HK/Asian shops

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Yeah I'd been on GunFire too and they certainly have a bigger catalogue and more brands but, as pointed out, prices are a bit higher.


Personally I found the TaiwanGun site a bit easier to navigate,


If I was looking for a RIF GunFire have far more choice but for supplies and tactical gear I prefer TG - having a bit less choice can make it easier to choose, less is more.


Of course, being in the EU takes away the worry of any import taxes/VAT that you might fall foul of if importing from Asia/USA. You can also pay hefty shipping too so free from TG is a bonus. :D

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Quick question on both TaiwanGun and Gunfire; do they use a courier service or the normal postal service? The Danish postal service refuses to have anything to do with anything remotely gun related, and returns everything to the sender.

Gunfire uses a courier company too. Not sure which one they rely on for foreign orders, but they should have it stated on their website.

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