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Eagle6 Airsoft - Retail

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I thought it worthwhile sharing my experience with these guys. From my understanding Eagle6 started out as a gun upgrading service and have since expanded to become a retailer of parts and RIF's. I have now spent quite a lot of money with these guys as I used them to buy parts for a dual sector gear build. In general they've been fine, with decent stock levels and average shipping times - not always the fastest to ship things but normally not bad.


I wanted to share a recent experience, however, as they've been average to decent for most transactions where there has been no problems with my order. But recently I ordered a spare part from them and they shipped it to the wrong address. My billing and shipping addresses were different and they sent it to the billing address; inconvenient, but not necessarily a deal breaker. Now I always try to give people a chance to make things right - I will never just slam someone because of a one-off mistake that anyone could make. So I got in touch through their support email, included all of my receipts etc. and some pictures to show that this had been sent to the wrong address, to ask for a refund on the shipping to cover my cost (at their expense) to get the parcel to where it was meant to be. Nothing. Not a peep. I've now emailed them five times, over the course of a few weeks and not got any response at all - and the icing on the cake is that they used a shipping service that was not only not what I paid for, but also was much cheaper that what I was charged for shipping.


In short - if there's no problem with your order then you'll probably be OK, but if they screw it up then you're on your own, out of pocket. I have to say, I've had this kind of experience with overseas retailers before (mainly small-scale HK ones), but to get this kind of service from a UK retailer is frankly unacceptable and I will not be using them again.

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to be fair i think your conclusion covers the majority of airsoft shops in the uk. Great when all is good (bar a couple of course) but not so good to terrible when things go wrong.

Had good dealings with this firm so far but then nothing has gone wrong for me yet.

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