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RA-Tech Steel Slide & Outer Barrel Vs. Z-Parts for KSC/KWA USP .45

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So checking the price,


RA Tech Steel Slide for USP .45 Kit:


Slide: $280

Outer Barrel: $49

Spring: $15 (shipping included)





Slide: $309.75

Outer Barrel: $52.50

Spring: included




Z-Parts is a rebranded RA-Tech Steel Kit. Don't be fooled into paying more for the same. Proves that Airsoft is just one gigantic scam...



(pricing is off at the end, I just researched it right now) But they are exactly the same product.

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OK, good info.


Just wanted to point out that the bottom line price difference is $18.25 USD so it's not really in the realm of "scamming" IMO. If Z-parts is a rebrand they probably have some overhead to cover for. But sure, the wise move would be getting it straight from the source of course if possible.


Or is it possible maybe that they are not really a re-branded RA Tech but rather come from the same OEM manufacturer? I've seen some mixed info on how much of the steel kits RA make themselves vs. buying from someone else.

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Sorry, should've mentioned when I asked about the difference between RA tech and zparts from CWI airsoft, I was informed 'zparts' was better.



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I recently got a Zparts MSK trigger kit from CWI, and its definitley RAtech quality, but does that Mean RAtech makes it? no Im starting to think RAtech is the one rebranding parts, the Zparts kit looks alot like the RAtech kits for the regular M4s in construction style and quality, and Im guessing maybe in a little while the same kit will show up on RAtechs site labelled the RAtech MSK trigger kit...

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