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Browning Picture Thread

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Why the hell has no one made a conversion kit for the WE Browning?  Strange that WE themselves haven't cashed in and done it really


Many have asked this my friend. I would literally sell my left nut for a Mk III conversion kit


As a side note, and I have to hunt for pictures and video of this, before my WE HP died I was in the process of fitting various real bits to it and managed to mod a pair of real grips and a Mk III ambi-saftey to fit and function. Was in the process of a Mk 3 hammer, but never finished it sadly.

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Finally broke down and bought the WE 2 days ago as I've waited for someone to make a "usable" one for 20 years! Have seen a couple in the field and they seem reliable enough. I too cannot understand why no one has come out with some "up grades" that would make this pistol really competitive with the 1911's.


I do like the satin finish on the WE and while this is my first GBB from this maker (and I've heard about the paint issues), I'm kind of looking forward to the finish to start to wear and give it that "well used" look. The only negative is a seam line on the slides muzzle, but as the finish starts to chip and wear, I can probably work on that and smooth it out.


The "horrible trigger pull" is actually due to the magazine safety and is the same issue in the real steel pistols as well. It looks to be the same design as the real steel and can be removed (in the same manner) to help the trigger pull. Not done as much now on the real steel pistols due to liability problems if you used one in a self defense matter and the pistol was found to have had a "safety device" inactivated (brings to question your intent).


The pictures are great and any "constructive" suggestions on making the WE better will be welcomed.

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Only other issue I found to be true (due to a video) is that if you pull the trigger hard, with the hammer cocked and the thumb safety on, the hammer will fall. Don't know why you would do it, but .....


Now if I could find a copy of "The Final Option" on DVD (don't think they ever made one), I'd be really happy (lol).

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Well it's only 4 magazines on propane and I'm pretty satisfied for a $76.00 GBB (same price as some NBB's!). Finally over 35 degrees and no wind. Pistol was hitting torso sized target at 75-80 feet with .20's. Hop-up seems good-to-go. Cleaned out the inner barrel and it actually wasn't that fouled up.


Trigger is really not that bad, but then again I've been shooting real steel pistols since I was 12 and it has always annoyed me how light airsoft pistol triggers are (single action should never be below 4 lbs unless strictly competition use only). I've owned some Hi-Powers over the years and this trigger is not that much different (it IS due to the magazine safety).


Looks like I'll have to get another.

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Dry fire it with a empty magazine.


As for the trigger, its not bad. Its actually more like a real Hi-Power than not! Most airsoft pistols have trigger pulls that that are in no way representative of the actual real steel pistols.


The TM & KJW Glocks are close, my KJW 1911's and this Hi-Power, but most others are way way too light.


Liking this Hi-Power more and more.

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