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WE 416c... yeah, same here


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So i was flipping through my bookmarked forums and found a news post on GGI about a WE 416c. only available on EBA so far, but the price is less than the standard 416.


its pretty cool because i have a strong want for a GBB PDW M4, but i have decided i am picking up the tippmann M4. if tippmann hadn't made that thing, i would be buying this 416c right now.






still though. the tippmann isnt supposed to be coming out for another 6 month at worst, so i dont know how long i can hold out.

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Old, dupe and nuke! :D


In the news section you gotta change the sort order every time to newest posts first otherwise they are in order of when they were originally posted, I had the same issue for the longest time. Now I just click the sort order manually each time I get to the news section... Strange that all other sections are listed by newest posts on top.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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