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So, since I managed to get everything together after announcing my project last year, here are some initial pictures:


The base gun is a Cyma Galil. This may seem surprising, but since the Chinese Assault Rifle was based apparently on something that was a napkin sketch of an AK-series rifle, it's not really that much of a stretch. First, the sights are noticeably taller than usual for AK-series rifles. Second, gas tube and barrel are clearly much more Galil-like than AK-like. Third, the foregrips of AK-series rifles have that distinctive step - lower half is longer and goes further back than the upper half. Galils don't have that. And fitting a RPD foregrip to an AK would require some tools I don't have. So screw it, I'm gonna Typewriter it.


When the Galil arrived, I was surprised how snug the RPD foregrip fit on the barrel and gas tube. That's a good sign. It was also shorter than the original foregrip, matching the long exposed gas tube look of the ChAR. The only problem is that those two humps on top partially obscure the front sight, but I believe that some work with a hacksaw and files should fix it.


However, fitting the magazine can and will give you a fit. for some strange reason, the front lip on the Galil mag is not as wide as the AK one, and the magazine dimensions are off by a milimeter or so. That means you first have to dremel off two milimeters or so off the sides of the front lip, and then extend it by a milimeter or so forwards, otherwise it won't latch in (and I haven't even checked if it's going to feed!).


The other insane thing is that the AK pistol grip is seriously off as well. First, it looks like the bottom of Galil body is slanted upwards towards the front, while on AK it's flat, so I'll have to force it into shape with a dremel or a hacksaw. Because of that, the "half-done" photo still has the Galil grip, as I was just too tired to fiddle with it.


Oh, and the AKM muzzle brake? Once screwed completely on, it's upside down, and there's nothing to hold it in a different position - no grub screw, nothing. And so, something tells me I'll have to drill and tap a hole for a grub screw, and find the grub screw itself.

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OK, I managed to fit the AK74 grip, which I'll leave unmodified after all, and an AK74 bolt. Now I have to make a stock, as to which I'm not sure if I should make a tube skeleton one like in the game, or buy a RPD stock and fit it on the Galil hinge instead. That and I have to use a bucket of milliput or thereabouts to fit the foregrip to the barrel.

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